Casino Theatre (7Th Av)
Broadway - Etats-Unis

Construction: 1922 - Fermeture: 1939

Topologie du théâtre

Nombre de salles actives: 1
Salle 1: (1025)    1922 - Actif


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Adresse: 753 Seventh Ave. (W. 50th St.), New York, NY





1922 - Actif

George Keister (1923, 1931) and Joseph Babolnay (1931), architects. Built by Earl Carroll to stage revues. In 1930, he demolished it, bought the adjacent building for $4.5 million, and rebuilt it as a bigger theatre and movie palace--but the weekly running costs proved unsustainable. Foreclosure followed, and Ziegfeld acquired (and renamed) it. In 1933, it was a night club. By 1939, then owner Billy Rose had lost interest and closed the venue. Later replaced by Woolworth's, it was razed in 1990.

Le bâtiment est démoli en 1990

Le lieu devient le "Casa Manana" en 1936

Le théâtre devient un night-club, le "French Casino Theatre" en 1933


2) Show Boat (Revival)

Joué durant  5 mois

Nb de représentations: 180 représentations
Première preview: Inconnu
Première: 19 May 1932
Dernière: 22 October 1932

Compositeur: Jerome Kern •  
Parolier: Oscar Hammerstein II •  
Libettiste: Oscar Hammerstein II •  
Metteur en scène: Oscar Hammerstein II •  
Chorégraphe: Sammy Lee •  
Avec: Windy ... Allan Campbell
Steve ... Charles Ellis
Pete ... James Swift
Queenie ... Tess Gardella
Parthy Ann Hawks ... Edna May Oliver
Cap'n Andy ... Charles Winninger
Ellie ... Eva Puck
Frank ... Sammy White
Rubber Face ... Francis X. Mahoney
Julie ... Helen Morgan 



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Le théâtre devient le "Casino Theatre" le 19 mai 1932


1) Gingham Girl (The) (Original)

Joué durant  8 mois

Première preview: 28 August 1922
Première: 28 August 1922
Dernière: 30 April 1922

Fait partie de: Broadway Run

Earl Carroll Theatre: 28 août 1922 - 30 avril 1923
Central Theatre: 30 avril 1923 - 2 juin 1923

Compositeur: Albert Von Tilzer •  
Parolier: Neville Fleeson •  
Libettiste: Daniel Kusell •  
Metteur en scène:  
Avec: Edgar Hamilton (Gus), James T. Ford (Conductor), Walter F. Jones (Silas O’Day), Russell Mack (Jack Hayden), Louise Allen (Libby O’Day), Helen Ford (Mary Thompson), Alan Edwards (Harrison Bartlett), Eleanor Dawn (Mildred Ripley), Eddie Buzzell (John Cousins), Dolly Lewis (Mazie Lelewer), Bertee Beaumont (Sonya Maison), Amelia Summerville (Sophia Trask), George Henry (Waiter), Helene Coyne (Mimi), Henri French (Armand), Valdene Smith (Pauline), Dorothy Faye Smith (Paulette), Jack Mosser (Butler), Mildred Quinn (Rose), Maude Lydiate (Ann); Elsie Lombard (She Who Runs the Pirates’ Den), Lillian Thomas (She Who Wears Batik), Claire Martin (She Who Loves Mythology), Mildred Quinn (She Who Wears a Derby), Lucille Moore (She Who Throws Bombs), Maude Lydiate (She Who Hails from Hobohemia), Bernice Goesling (She Who
Kisses Fools), Bobbie Breslaw (She Who Makes Tamales), Betsy Walters (She Who Provides the Puffs), Frank Daniels (He Who Paints), William Sholar (He Who Scribbles), Alfred Opler (He Who Loafs) 



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Plus d'infos sur ce musical

Le "Earl Carroll Theatre" ouvre le 25 février 1922