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De John Dryden (19 août 1631 - 12 mai 1700)

Captive Queen (The) (2018-02-Sam Wanamaker Playhouse-London)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Globe Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Salle : Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
Durée : 3 semaines
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Première Preview : vendredi 02 février 2018
Première : mercredi 07 février 2018
Dernière : dimanche 04 mars 2018
Mise en scène : Barrie Rutter
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Commentaires : This timely story of passion, politics and patriarchy is a reimagining of John Dryden’s Restoration drama, Aureng-zebe (1675). The Captive Queen is set in the late 20th century during the last days of the great woollen mills of the north of England, but retains a flavour of Dryden’s original Mughal Indian setting. The original score by Niraj Chag re-creates the rhythms of war, of workmanship, and of India, providing the backdrop for the regular beat of Dryden’s rhyming couplets, which echo the relentless whirring of the machines.
Barrie Rutter, Artistic Director of Northern Broadsides, assembles a cast of actors in this wry exploration of the folly of old age, the allure of power, and the bewildering effects of lust and desire.