Opérette (1897)

Musique: Victor Herbert
Paroles: Harry B. Smith • Victor Herbert
Livret: Harry B. Smith
Production à la création:

Herbert's second Broadway success (after The Wizard of the Nile), The Serenade is a romantic comedy about a song that sweeps the Spanish countryside. It has a complicated plot involving a girl, her near-sighted guardian who is trying to woo her, and a suitor who steals the girl away from the guardian.

Synopsis complet

Act I

No. 1a - Chorus - "In attitudes alert! Hist! Hush! With keen and piercing eyes"
No. 1b - Romero and Chorus - "Let spiritless townsmen bend the neck to the yoke of the country's law"
No. 2 - Alvarado and chorus - "Peering left and peering right with very anxious scrutiny"
No. 3 - Chorus - "Hola-ho! ..." and "Although a Duke of high degree whose ancestors are numerous"
No. 4 - Alvarado and Dolores - "When the theatre was brightest with the golden glare"
No. 5 - Yvonne, Colombo and Gomez - "The old Italian Method grand is what we practice"
No. 6 - Lopez and Yvonne - "Gaze on this face, so noble, so serene; look in these eyes how radiant are they"
No. 7 - Finale - "'Tis time our work to do. Hist! Hush! Hist! Hush! Our presence they shall rue"

Act II

No. 8 - Chorus of Monks and Novices - "In our quiet cloister, monkish brethren dwell, peaceful as an oyster"
No. 9 - Yvonne and Monks - "Where are the stars so brightly twinkling as in fair Andalusia?"
No. 10 - Romero and Male Chorus - "When I went my rounds one day, seeking charity, charity, charity"
No. 11a - Ensemble - "Who can this be? We'll stay and see, with worldly curiositee!"
No. 11b - Duke and Chorus - "Who was it in Eden encountered the snake? Woman, attractive woman"
No. 12 - Dolores and Chorus - "The Angelus sounds from the convent bells like a dear voice low and tender"
No. 13 - Yvonne - "Cupid once found me a-dreaming, lulled by the soft summer breeze"
No. 14 - Monks' Chant - "I love thee, I adore thee, O my heart, life, and soul, all are thine"
No. 15 - Alvarado, Dolores, Yvonne and Romero - "I'm sure 'tis she! Just wait! I'll see"
No. 16 - Finale - "Dishonor most appalling, and terrible disgrace are threatening the falling of this monastic place"


No. 17 - Chorus - "Here merrily bide the bandit tribe when the day's honest work is done"
No. 18 - Dolores, Alvarado and Chorus - "Don José of Sevilla was a gay roué, acting parts, breaking hearts"
No. 19 - Lopez - "I envy the bird within its cage, whose song to her is not denied"
No. 20 - Duke, Yvonne and Gomez - "One afternoon while dozing, my eyes a moment closing"
No. 21 - Finale - "Take your choice, my Dolores, marry whom you will!"

The Duke of Santa Cruz - Henry Clay Barnabee
Mother Superior - Josephine Bartlett
Colombo (tenor) - Harry Brown
Mercedes - Louise Cleary
Romero - Eugene Cowles
Fra Anselmo - Harry Dale
Dolores (contralto) - Jessie Bartlett Davis
Gomez - George B. Frothingham
Isabella - Leonora Guito
El Gato - Charles Hawley
Manuelo - Bertha Lovejoy
Carlos Alvarado (baritone) - William H. MacDonald
The Abbot - James E. Miller
Yvonne (soprano) - Alice Nielsen
Lopez (tenor) - William E. Philp
Juana - Marcia Van Dresser
Fra Timoteo - Adam Warmouth

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