Musical (2016)

Musique: Stephen Schwartz
Paroles: Michael Kunze • Stephen Schwartz
Livret: Christian Struppeck
Production à la création:

"Schikaneder – the turbulent love story behind the Magic Flute" is a romantic musical comedy about one of the most glittering theater couples of the 18th century - Emanuel and Eleonore Schikaneder. Their initially young, carefree love develops into a mature partnership with highs and lows, combined with jealousy, separation and rapprochement. The two of them - as they did in real life! - hugely influenced the world of theater in Vienna. Without them, one of the greatest works of operatic literature – Mozart's Magic Flute – would never have come about.

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Team from Broadway and the West End
The musical celebrated its world premiere at the Raimund Theater on 30 September 2016 and sets the Viennese musical scene bubbling. True greats of the musical business worked on the project:
Winner of three Oscars, three Grammys and a Golden Globe, Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pocahontas, Godspell) co-wrote the music and lyrics, while Michael Kunze provide the German translation. Musical director Christian Struppeck wrote the book. Three-times Tony prize winner Sir Trevor Nunn directs the world premiere.

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Version 1

Schikaneder (2016-09-Raimund Theater-Vienne)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Raimund Theater (Vienne - Autriche)
Durée : 8 mois 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : vendredi 30 septembre 2016
Première : vendredi 30 septembre 2016
Dernière : mercredi 21 juin 2017
Mise en scène : Trevor Nunn
Chorégraphie : Anthony Van Laast
Producteur :
Avec : Mark Seibert (Emanuel Schikaneder), Milica Jovanović (Eleonore Schikaneder), Florian Peters (Johann Friedel), Stefan Poslovski (Benedikt Schack (ab April 2017) // Cover Benedikt Schack / Cover Karl Marinelli / Ensemble), Katie Hall (Maria Anna Miller), Hardy Rudolz (Franz Moser / Josef von Bauernfeld), Reinwald Kranner (Karl Marinelli), Franziska Schuster (Barbara Gerl / Cover Eleonore Schikaneder), Armin Kahl (Benedikt Schack (bis 3. April 2017)), Katja Reichert (Josepha Hofer), Ricardo Frenzel Baudisch (Cover Emanuel Schikaneder / Ensemble), Oliver Floris (Cover Emanuel Schikaneder / Ensemble), Marle Martens (Cover Eleonore Schikaneder / Ensemble), Tobias Joch (Cover Johann Friedel / Cover Benedikt Schack / Ensemble), Christopher Dederichs (Cover Johann Friedel / Ensemble (ab März 2017)), Martin Pasching (Cover Benedikt Schack / Ensemble (ab 5. April 2017)), Lillian Maandag (Cover Maria Anna Miller / Ensemble), Andreja Zidaric (Cover Maria Anna Miller / Ensemble), Ulrich Talle (Cover Franz Moser / Cover Josef von Bauernfeld / Ensemble), Fernand Delosch (Cover Karl Marinelli / Cover Josef von Bauernfeld / Ensemble), Jon Geoffrey Goldsworthy (Cover Franz Moser / Ensemble), Jana Stelley (Cover Barbara Gerl / Ensemble), Daniela Braun (Cover Josepha Hofer / Ensemble), Jil Clesse (Cover Josepha Hofer / Ensemble), Jessica Kessler (Cover Barbara Gerl / Ensemble (ab 5. April 2017)), Peter Kratochvil (Ensemble), Tessa Jill Brockhoff (Ensemble), Shari Lynn Stewen (Swing), Rebecca Soumagné (Swing), Livia Wrede (Swing), Shane Dickson (Swing), Ronnie Veró Wagner (Dance Captain / Swing), Stef van Gelder (Swing), Karoline Gable (Cover Barbara Gerl / Ensemble (bis April 2017)), Andreas Bongard (Cover Johann Friedel / Cover Benedikt Schack / Ensemble (bis März 2017))

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