Musical (1991)

Musique: John Kander
Paroles: Fred Ebb
Livret: *** Revue
Production à la création:

Enter the world of distinguished and celebrated writing team Kander and Ebb. The World Goes 'Round is a stunning revue of the songbook from the multi-TONY-award-winning team with the original production winning 3 Drama Desk Awards.

Filled with humor, romance, drama, and nonstop melody this title is a thrilling celebration of life and the fighting spirit that keeps us all going. Five individuals find themselves careening through the world of love, babies, and coffee. From Cabaret to Chicago the non-stop hit-parade features unforgettable gems including "Mr. Cellophane," "Maybe this Time," "Cabaret," and "New York, New York", seamlessly interwoven into a passionate, harmonious, up-tempo evening of musical theatre.

The show opens with a woman simply stating that no matter what good or bad things happen in life, the world continues and life goes on ("And The World Goes 'Round"). The rest of the cast joins her to express the philosophy of saying yes to get the most out of life ("Yes"). They then explore the problem with a life that is far too rushed and highly caffeinated ("Coffee In A Cardboard Cup").Elsewhere, a man is trying to get his wife to remember happier times so that he can see her smile again ("The Happy Time"). The woman, however, can only seem to remember fragments of her youth thus noticing that there now seems to be something missing from her life ("Colored Lights"). Two people, who have an easier time finding happiness, appear. A man finds happiness in Sara Lee products ("Sara Lee"), while the woman has discovered a great way to lower her stress levels ("Arthur in the Afternoon").We move on to hear stories of loss and love ("And The World Goes 'Round [Reprise]"). The first is from a woman who has watched the man she trusted walk away forever ("My Coloring Book"). Next is a man choosing not to think of those memories ("I Don't Remember You"), as well as another man trying to remember the last time a whole day went by without thinking about the love he lost ("Sometimes A Day Goes By"). The audience is then propelled into a more salacious time, where a woman invites us to a raucous evening of booze and music ("All That Jazz"). Two women - clearly not the perfect examples of class - complain about the current days of loose values and empty morals ("Class"). Meanwhile, a man laments that no matter what he does he is never going to be noticed ("Mr. Cellophane"). The cast comes together to assure the audience that everything will be okay ("Me And My Baby").Next, three women come together to emulate an old vocal jazz routine a la the Andrews Sisters ("There Goes The Ball Game"). The number is followed by commentary on what it is like to be living the high life in style ("How Lucky Can You Get?"). Two men come together to talk discuss how women would rather go to the skate rink for dates rather than a nice evening out, and the women join them, all on skates, hailing the joys of the rink ("The Rink").

The act begins with the story of a woman who travels around the world to find a husband, only to fall for the boy next door after meeting him in a foreign country ("Ring Them Bells"). We are then told of the dangers of the Spider Woman ("Kiss Of The Spider Woman"). Elsewhere, a woman longs for love as she watches two lovers pass by ("Only Love"). The man proposes, but the woman, somewhat bewildered, turns him down ("Marry Me"). After he leaves, she realizes she does actually love him, but she had trouble realizing because it was not what she expected ("A Quiet Thing"). He returns and they dance together. She accepts his proposal. They continue dancing, and the others join them. There they all wonder why dancers don't ever talk about how much it hurts to dance ("Pain"). Afterwards, we see two women greeting each other, when a man comes up and asks for an autograph. One of them is a Broadway star. He ignores the other woman and after he leaves, the two women comment on how the other lives ("The Grass Is Always Greener").We now return to the theme of love ("And The World Goes 'Round [Reprise]"). A man is sure that with love they can get through anything ("We Can Make It"). A woman then hopes that this time things will be better with her man ("Maybe This Time"). Another woman wonders if life is better with a friend rather than a lover ("Isn't This Better").The cast begins to look at another part of life ("And The World Goes 'Round [Reprise]"); as they all find themselves in a bit of chaos when they see what really makes the world go around ("Money, Money"). They remind us all to live life to its fullest ("Cabaret"). They also reiterate the idea that no matter what, the world will continue to turn ("And The World Goes 'Round [Finale]"). Finally, the cast each take on different languages as they remark on the joys of New York ("New York, New York").

The World Goes 'Round is a musical revue showcasing the songs of John Kander and Fred Ebb. The revue takes its title from a tune the songwriting team wrote for Liza Minnelli to sing in the Martin Scorsese film New York, New York.

The show consists of an eclectic collection of love songs, torch songs, and acerbicly witty comic numbers. It was conceived by director Scott Ellis, choreographer Susan Stroman, and librettist David Thompson, who collaborated on such Kander and Ebb shows as Steel Pier and the 1996 revival of Chicago. David Loud created the vocal and dance arrangements.


The World Goes 'Round premiered in New York City on March 18, 1991 at the Westside Theatre. Its cast included Karen Ziemba, Robert Cuccioli, Karen Mason, Brenda Pressley, and Jim Walton. The show received critical praise and a satisfying run of 408 performances.

Starting in August 1992, Ziemba, Blum, and Mazzie were joined by John Ruess and Shelley Dickinson for a 10-month US national tour. With scenic and technical embellishments added and the title simplified to The World Goes 'Round, the revised edition included mostly upbeat, unfamiliar songs from the team's lesser-known musicals.

And The World Goes 'Round - New York, New York
Yes - 70, Girls, 70
Coffee in a Cardboard Cup - 70, Girls, 70
The Happy Time - The Happy Time
Colored Lights - The Rink
Sara Lee - The Act
Arthur in the Afternoon - The Act
My Coloring Book
I Don't Remember You - The Happy Time
Sometimes a Day Goes By - Woman of the Year
All That Jazz - Chicago
Class - Chicago
Mr. Cellophane - Chicago
Me & My Baby - Chicago
There Goes the Ball Game - New York, New York
How Lucky Can You Get? - Funny Lady
The Rink - The Rink
Ring Them Bells - Liza with a Z
Kiss of the Spider Woman - Kiss of the Spider Woman
Only Love - Zorba
Marry Me - The Rink
A Quiet Thing - Flora, The Red Menace
The Grass is Always Greener - Woman of the Year
We Can Make It - The Rink
Maybe This Time - Cabaret
Isn't This Better? - Funny Lady
The Money Song - Cabaret
Cabaret - Cabaret
Theme from New York, New York - New York, New York

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Aucun dossier informatif complémentaire concernant And the World Goes 'Round

Version 1

And the World Goes 'Round (2014-02-Union Theatre-London)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Union Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : 15 January 2014
Première: 17 January 2014
Dernière: 08 February 2014
Mise en scène : Kirk Jameson
Chorégraphie :
Producteur :
Star(s) :
Avec: Lisa Stokke, Simon Green, Gareth Snook, Emma Francis, Susan Fay, Elliot Berry, Gabrielle Allen, Genevieve Leeney, Charlotte Oakley, Shahail Woodcock

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