Musical (1934)

Musique: Johann Strauss I • Johann Strauss II
Paroles: Desmond Carter • George Forrest • Oscar Hammerstein II • Robert Wright
Livret: A.M. Willner • Moss Hart
Production à la création:

Set in Vienna in the spring-time, featuring a conflict between a father and his son, laced with overtures of romance; and though it all a score comprising some of the most loved waltzes ever writeen by the father and son on whose lives the plot is based, and who are truly regarded as the greatest waltz composers of all time. Among a host of tunes, this show contains both "The Radetzky March" and, of course, "The Blue Danube".

The Great Waltz debuted on Broadway at the Center Theatre on September 22, 1934 and ran for 289 performances. The production was directed by Hassard Short and presented by Max Gordon, with choreography by Albertina Rasch, settings by Albert Johnson and costumes by Doris Zinkeisen together with Marion Claire, Marie Burke and Guy Robertson. The musical was made into a motion picture by MGM in 1938 with a screenplay and new lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II.

In 1949 impresario Edwin Lester hired Robert Wright and George Forrest to adapt Strauss's German lyrics and music for a production at the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera. This version was used for a London revival that opened at the Drury Lane Theatre on July 9, 1970 and ran for 605 performances. It was also used for a 1972 film remake.

Act I
Radetsky March – The Brass Band
Morning – Therese ((Resi), Ebeseders' daughter)
Look Before You Leap – Therese and Leopold ((Poldi), Greta's nephew)
You Are My Songs – Resi, Johann Strauss, Jr. ((Schani)) and Ensemble
Love Will Find You – Resi and Schani
On Love Alone – Ensemble and Ballet
Like a Star in the Sky – Countess Olga Baranskaja and Schani
With All My Heart – Resi

Act II
Night – Ensemble
Love's Never Lost – Olga, Poldi and Captain Hal Fredrich
We Love You Still – Olga
While You Love Me – Resi and Schani
Love and War – Poldi and Ensemble
The Blue Danube (Danube So Blue) – Resi and Company

The 1970 Lon­don re­vival added "No Two Ways" (lyrics: George For­rest, music: Robert Wright)

Aucun dossier informatif complémentaire concernant Great Waltz (The)

Aucun dossier informatif complémentaire concernant Great Waltz (The)

Version 1

Great Waltz (The) (1934-09-Center Theatre-Broadway)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Center Theatre (Broadway - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 8 mois 2 semaines
Nombre : 298 représentations
Première Preview : 22 September 1934
Première: 22 September 1934
Dernière: 08 June 1935
Mise en scène : Hassard Short
Chorégraphie : Albertina Rasch
Producteur :
Star(s) :
Avec: Edgar Allan (Lieutenant Ferdinand Holmann), Virginia Allen (Corps de Ballet), Albert Amato (Boy in the Ensemble), Ruby Asquith (Augustina), Marion BancroftAlice Banks (Girl in the Ensemble), Bruce Barclay (Boy in the Ensemble), Beulah Blake (Girl in the Ensemble), Freeman Bloodgood (Boy in the Ensemble), Charles Brokaw (Captain Hal Fredrich), Marie Burke (Countess Olga Baranskaja), Jessie Busley (Greta), Roger Carr (Boy in the Ensemble), Carol Chandler (Girl in the Ensemble), Harold Christensen (Paul Heindrich), Lew Christensen (Hans Heindrich), Florence Chumbecos (Corps de Ballet), Marion Claire (Therese), Ruth Clayton (Nini), Dudley Clements (Ebeseder), Clarice Cole (Girl in the Ensemble), Neil Collins (Boy in the Ensemble), Martha Coy (Corps de Ballet), John Crayton (Boy in the Ensemble), Tom Curley (Boy in the Ensemble), Glenn Darwin (Boy in the Ensemble), Eugene DePrussing (Boy in the Ensemble), Nina Dean (Mitzi), Roderick Deane (Boy in the Ensemble), Martin Dennis (Boy in the Ensemble), Jack Donaldson (Boy in the Ensemble), Shirley Dorman (Girl in the Ensemble), Bert Doughty (Boy in the Ensemble), William Douglas (Boy in the Ensemble), Alita Duncan (Corps de Ballet), Viola Einarsen (Corps de Ballet), Vivian Fay (Kathi Lanner), Robert C. Fischer (Dreschsler), Frank Floyd (Boy in the Ensemble), Michael J. Forbes (Boy in the Ensemble), Dorothy Forsyth (Betti), Mary Francis (Girl in the Ensemble), John Fredrick (Boy in the Ensemble), Ralph Glover (Lieutenant Carl Boch), Herbert Goff (Boy in the Ensemble), George Gordon (Boy in the Ensemble), Vera Gorska (Girl in the Ensemble), Sally Hadley (Girl in the Ensemble), June Hauger (Girl in the Ensemble), Gladys Haverty (Girl in the Ensemble), Frances Hayes (Lili), Patti Heaton (Corps de Ballet), Ingar Hill (Girl in the Ensemble), Fay Hope (Girl in the Ensemble), Thekla Horn (Corps de Ballet), Florence Hurst (Girl in the Ensemble), Rosalynd Hutner (Girl in the Ensemble), Aphie James (Gretchen Ludwig), Al Kacher (Boy in the Ensemble), Adrienne Kann (Corps de Ballet), David King (Boy in the Ensemble), Leslie Kingdon (Boy in the Ensemble), Jeane Kroll (Corps de Ballet), Richard Lambart (Wilhelm), Donald Lee (Boy in the Ensemble), Frank Leonard (Boy in the Ensemble), Robert Lewis (Boy in the Ensemble), Sharon Lewis (Corps de Ballet), Richie Ling (Hartkopf), Constance MacDonald (Girl in the Ensemble), Ralph Magelssen (Captain Boris Androff), Philip Man (Boy in the Ensemble), Claire Manners (Corps de Ballet), Mary Manners (Corps de Ballet), Ambrose Manning (Karl Hirsch), Thalia Mara (Corps de Ballet), Thalia Marra (Corps de Ballet), Emily Marsh (Girl in the Ensemble), Sue Mason (Girl in the Ensemble), Ruth Mather (Girl in the Ensemble), Josephine McKendrick (Lottie), Florence Miller (Corps de Ballet), Frank Moffa (Boy in the Ensemble), Jerry Moore (Boy in the Ensemble), Kathryn Mullowney (Corps de Ballet), Meg Mundy (Girl in the Ensemble), May Muth (Girl in the Ensemble), Fred Nay (Boy in the Ensemble), Dennis Noble (Leopold), Rosalie Norman (Girl in the Ensemble), Pat O'Brien (Boy in the Ensemble), Joseph Olney (Boy in the Ensemble), Nona Otero (Corps de Ballet), Jane Overton (Corps de Ballet), Zoel Parenteau (Girl in the Ensemble), Billie Partridge (Corps de Ballet), Virginia Peck (Corps de Ballet), Nora Puntin (Corps de Ballet), Rabana (Corps de Ballet), H. Reeves-Smith (Johann Strauss, Sr.), Marie Rio (Corps de Ballet), Guy Robertson (Johann Strauss, Jr.), Mary Rodes (Girl in the Ensemble), Charles Romano (Franz Ludwig), Jimmy Ryan (Boy in the Ensemble), Dave Sachs (Boy in the Ensemble), Helen Sada (Girl in the Ensemble), Tanya Sanina (Franzi), Marjorie Shaw (Corps de Ballet), Morrie Siegel (Boy in the Ensemble), Madgieo Smylle (Girl in the Ensemble), Geraldine Spencer (Corps de Ballet), Eleanora Standish (Girl in the Ensemble), Claire Stone (Corps de Ballet), Wiora Stoney (Corps de Ballet), Doris Swanstrom (Girl in the Ensemble), Ward Tallman (Boy in the Ensemble), Virda Twiford (Girl in the Ensemble), Theo Van Tassell (Girl in the Ensemble), Nina Verde (Girl in the Ensemble), Harold Voeth (Boy in the Ensemble), Diana Walker (Tini), Sandra Walters (Mali), Solly Ward (Dommayer), Virginia Watkins (Corps de Ballet), Gilbert White (Boy in the Ensemble), Mary Wilkinson (Corps de Ballet), Castle Williams (Boy in the Ensemble), Roger P. Williams (Boy in the Ensemble), Marion Winchester (Girl in the Ensemble), Frances Wise (Corps de Ballet)

Version 2

Great Waltz (The) (1938-11-Film)

Type de série: Film
Théâtre: *** Film (*** - ***)
Durée :
Nombre :
Première Preview : Inconnu
Première: 04 November 1938
Dernière: Inconnu
Mise en scène : Julien Duvivier
Chorégraphie :
Producteur :
Star(s) :
Avec: Luise Rainer (Poldi Vogelhuber), Fernand Gravet (Johann Strauss II), Miliza Korjus (Carla Donner), Hugh Herbert (Hofbauer), Lionel Atwill (Count Hohenfried), Curt Bois (Kienzl), Al Shean (Cellist), Minna Gombell (Mrs. Hofbauer), Alma Kruger (Mrs. Strauss), Greta Meyer (Mrs. Vogelhuber), Bert Roach(Vogelhuber), Henry Hull (Franz Joseph I of Austria), Sig Rumann (Wertheimer), George Houston (Schiller), Herman Bing (Dommayer), Christian Rub (Coachman), Frank Mayo (Ship's Officer (uncredited)), Larry Steers (Man in Uniform (uncredited))
Commentaires : According to MGM records, the film earned $918,000 in the US and Canada, and $1,504,000 elsewhere, resulting in a loss of $724,000.

The film was re-made in 1972, with Horst Buchholz playing Strauss, alongside Mary Costa, Nigel Patrick, and Yvonne Mitchell.

Version 3

Great Waltz (The) (1970-07-Drury Lane Theatre-London)

Type de série: Original London
Théâtre: Drury Lane Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 1 an 7 mois 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : 09 July 1970
Première: 09 July 1970
Dernière: 01 March 1972
Mise en scène : Wendy Toye
Chorégraphie : Edmund Balin
Producteur :
Star(s) :
Avec: Walter Cassel (Johan Strauss Snr.), David Watson (Schani), Sari Barabas (Helene Vernet), Diane Todd (Resi), Robert Dorning (Dommeyer), Leo Fuchs (Hirsch), Eric Brotherson (Hartkopf)
Commentaires : The book was pedestrian, the lyrics unexciting – and sometimes quite dreadful – but the music was glorious, the costumes gorgeous and the scenery entrancing. In spite of the critics it filled the vast Drury Lane for over 600 performances. Originally the producer Harold Fielding tried his best to persuade the best-loved and most famous European operetta star, Anneliese Rothenberger to play Helen Vernet, but the role eventually went to Hungarian opera star Sari Barabas, and Walter Cassel from New York’s Metropolitan Opera.

Version 4

Great Waltz (The) (1972-11-Film)

Type de série: Film
Théâtre: *** Film (*** - ***)
Durée :
Nombre :
Première Preview : Inconnu
Première: 01 November 1972
Dernière: Inconnu
Mise en scène : Andrew L. Stone
Chorégraphie :
Producteur :
Star(s) :
Avec: Horst Buchholz (Johann Strauss, Jr.), Mary Costa (Jetty Treffz), Nigel Patrick (Johann Strauss, Sr.), Yvonne Mitchell (Anna Strauss), Rossano Brazzi (Moritz Tedesco), Susan Robinson (Emilie Trampusch), George Howe (Karl Frederick Hirsch), Vicki Woolf (Lili Weyl), James Faulkner (Josef Strauss), Paola Loew (Princess Pauline Metternich)

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