Musical (1966)

Musique: Jim Wise
Paroles: George Haimsohn • Robin Miller
Livret: George Haimsohn • Robin Miller
Production à la création:

In the early 1930s, a Broadway musical is in rehearsal. Mona Kent is its temperamental diva star, Joan a wise-cracking chorus girl, and Hennesy the producer/manager/director. The naive Ruby arrives from Utah, with "nothing but tap shoes in her suitcase and a prayer in her heart" [8], determined to be a Broadway star. She promptly faints into the arms of Dick, a sailor and aspiring song writer It's You. Ruby gets a job in the chorus, but Hennesy informs the cast that the theater must be torn down, and they must find another place for the show. Joan and Lucky, another sailor and her former boyfriend, renew their romance Choo-Choo Honeymoon while Ruby admits her feelings for Dick The Sailor of My Dreams. Dick and Lucky persuade their Captain to volunteer the use of their ship Dames at Sea. Mona recognizes the Captain as a former boyfriend The Beguine. When Mona kisses Dick, to persuade him to give her one of his songs, Ruby sees and is despondent Raining In My Heart. Dick explains the misunderstanding and the couple make up There's Something About You. While rehearsing on the actual ship, Mona becomes sea sick The Echo Waltz; Ruby steps in to save the show and becomes a star Star Tar. The three couples decide to marry Let's Have A Simple Wedding.

The musical was originally a short sketch, based loosely on the Gold Diggers movies, written by George Haimsohn, Jim Wise, and Robin Miller. The character of "Ruby" was suggested by the Ruby Keeler-type from those early movies. It was lengthened to a 50-minute production, and director Robert Dahdah prepared it for its first staging. After the original actress who was to play "Ruby" withdrew during rehearsals, choreographer Don Price recommended newcomer Bernadette Peters for the role. The show opened in May 1966 as Dames at Sea, or Golddiggers Afloat at the Caffe Cino, a small coffee house/performance space in New York City's Greenwich Village, where it continued for 148 performances.

Retitled simply Dames at Sea, the musical re-opened at the Bouwerie Lane Theatre on December 20, 1968, and transferred to the larger Theater de Lys on April 22, 1969, running for a total of 575 performances, through May 10, 1970. Directed by Neal Kenyon, Peters reprised the role of Ruby as did David Christmas, co-starring as Dick.

On August 27, 1969, the show opened at London's Duchess Theatre, where it ran for 127 performances.

Peters appeared in a regional production at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey in early 1973. Subsequent revivals have been staged at the Lamb's Theatre in Manhattan (1985), the Haymarket Theatre, Leicester, London (1989), and at the theatre where the musical first played off-Broadway, the Bouwerie Lane Theatre, produced by Jean Cocteau Repertory and directed by David Fuller, from September 3, 2004 to November 28, 2004.

The show is popular for High Schools and Middle Schools alike.

In some cases, the show is fleshed out to include chorus boys and girls, and other sailors. Some productions also omit the song "Singapore Sue".[citation needed]

Act I
"Wall Street"--Mona
"It's You"--Dick and Ruby
"Broadway Baby"--Dick
"That Mister Of Mine"--Mona and Chorus
"Choo-Choo Honeymoon"--Joan and Lucky
"The Sailor of My Dreams"--Ruby
"Singapore Sue"--Lucky and Company
"Broadway Baby" (reprise)--Hennesy
"Good Times Are Here To Stay"--Mona, Joan and Company

Act II
"Dames At Sea"--Company
"The Beguine"--Mona and Captain
"Raining In My Heart"--Ruby and Chorus
"There's Something About You"--Dick and Ruby
"Raining In My Heart" (reprise)--Ruby
"The Echo Waltz"--Mona, Joan, Ruby and Company
"Star Tar"--Ruby and Company
"Let's Have A Simple Wedding"--Company

Aucun dossier informatif complémentaire concernant Dames at Sea

Aucun dossier informatif complémentaire concernant Dames at Sea

Critical response
In his December 22, 1968, review in the New York Times, Clive Barnes wrote, "Dames At Sea is a real winner, a little gem of a musical. The show is wonderfully helped by its cast. The star I suppose is Bernadette Peters as the wholly sweetly silly small-town chorine who taps her way from the bus station to stardom in 24 hours." [13] Walter Kerr, in his Sunday Times feature article, added "You'll find the show cheerful and ingratiating, I think... Miss Peters is a real find... She is extremely funny, and endearing on top of that." [14] The Time Magazine review noted that the show had "three thoroughly engaging stars and some of the most ingenious staging currently on or off Broadway. Tamara Long, as the slinky heavy, brandishes a flaming Morganitic torch for her Mister Man, and Sally Stark, as Ruby's peroxided pal, belts a note almost as plangent as the great Merman's. The comic delight of the show, though, is Bernadette Peters, whose Ruby can simultaneously sing and dance up a storm that puts all New York (including Queen Mane of Rumania) at her feet."

In the GAY CITY NEWS review (September 2004):
Director David Fuller has filled his production with such subtle touches, which make the show seem intriguingly contemporary, and far from the saccharine and serious treatments this chestnut usually receives, he’s restored the true Off-Broadway spirit that used the establishment’s own forms to tweak its foibles. First staged during the Vietnam War era, the musical seems more relevant than ever as it takes precise aim at the sunny outlook that comes from near-psychotic denial of reality.
The cast does a great job. They work well together, and in particular the production number “Raining in My Heart” is sweet and stops the show. Individually, Kathleen White as Ruby is deliciously comic, with expressions and physical comedies that recall Lucille Ball. She has an occasional dazed look that’s not so much self-conscious commentary on the plot as the real confusion of a young woman whose life is suddenly spinning out of control.
Chrysten Peddie as Joan has the tough dame attitude down cold. She’s got a warm presence, is a great dancer and has a strong voice. It’s a performance that reminds you of Ann Miller, especially when she turns up the brass, and that’s no accident. Peddie is a fine performer we should see more of. Andy Meyers is charming as Dick, and often very funny. The part is a little low for his voice, but when he nails it, he’s great. Joey Stocks as Lucky plays the classic second banana to Peddie’s Joan with tremendous good humor. The stock version of this character needs to be rough around the edges but still nice enough to take home to mom. As Mona Kent, Judith Jarosz plays the Margaret Dumont or Marie Dressler of the piece—the big, blowzy star who overpowers everyone around her through sheer force of personality. She’s terrific at it. Campbell Bridges does a fine job with the roles of Hennesey and the Captain.
The sets by Roman Tatarowicz and the choreography by Barbara Brandt are perfect for the tiny stage of the Bouwerie Lane theater, and it’s wonderful to see the revival of both the show and the mischievous spirit of political satire that originally inspired it.

Version 1

Dames at Sea (1966-05-Caffe Cino-Off Off Broadway)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Caffe Cino (Broadway (Off-Off) - Etats-Unis)
Durée :
Nombre : 148 représentations
Première Preview : Inconnu
Première: Inconnu
Dernière: Inconnu
Mise en scène : Robert Dahdah
Chorégraphie : Don Price
Producteur :
Star(s) :

Version 2

Dames at Sea (1969-08-Duchess Theatre-London)

Type de série: Original London
Théâtre: Duchess Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 3 mois 1 semaine
Nombre : 127 représentations
Première Preview : 27 August 1969
Première: 27 August 1969
Dernière: 04 December 1969
Mise en scène : Neal Kenyon
Chorégraphie : Neal Kenyon
Producteur :
Star(s) :
Avec: Mona Kent … Joyce Blair / Joan … Rita Burton / Hennessey … Kevin Scott / Ruby … Sheila White / Dick … Blayne Barrington / Lucky … William Ellis / Captain … Kevin Scott
Commentaires : With just six-characters, this is a delightful pastiche of the 1930s Busby Berkeley type films.

Version 3

Dames at Sea (1970-09-Plaza 9 Music Hall-Off Broadway)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Plaza 9 Music Hall (Broadway (Off) - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 4 mois 1 semaine
Nombre :
Première Preview : 23 September 1970
Première: 23 September 1970
Dernière: 31 January 1971
Mise en scène : Neal Kenyon
Chorégraphie : Neal Kenyon
Producteur :
Star(s) :
Avec: Mona Kent … Jane Set
Joan … Carol Morely
Hennessey / The Captain … Raymond Thorne
Ruby … Leland Palmer
Dick … Kurt Peterson
Lucky … Voight Kempson

Version 4

Dames at Sea (1971-11-Television)

Type de série: Télévision
Théâtre: *** TV (*** - ***)
Durée :
Nombre :
Première Preview : 15 November 1971
Première: 15 November 1971
Dernière: 15 November 1971
Mise en scène : Walter C. Miller
Chorégraphie : ???? ????
Producteur :
Star(s) :
Avec: Dick … Harvey Evans
Hennessey … Fred Gwynne
Mona Kent … Ann Miller (i)
Ruby … Ann-Margret
Lucky … Dick Shawn
Joan … Anne Meara
Ensemble … Alan Johnson Dancers

Version 5

Dames at Sea (1973-01-Paper Mill Playhouse-Milburn)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Paper Mill Playhouse (Milburn - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : 24 January 1973
Première: 24 January 1973
Dernière: 18 February 1973
Mise en scène : ???? ????
Chorégraphie : ???? ????
Producteur :
Star(s) :
Avec: Ruby … Bernadette Peters

Version 6

Dames at Sea (1985-06-Lamb's Theatre-Off Broadway)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Lamb's Theatre (Broadway (Off) - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 8 mois
Nombre : 278 représentations
Première Preview : 12 June 1985
Première: 12 June 1985
Dernière: 09 February 1986
Mise en scène : Neal Kenyon
Chorégraphie : Neal Kenyon
Producteur :
Star(s) :
Avec: Mona Kent … Susan Elizabeth Scott
Hennesey/Captain … Richard Sabellico
Joan … Dorothy Stanley
Ruby … Donna Kane
Dick … George Dvorsky
Lucky … Dirk Lumbard
Commentaires longs: Donna Kane: 1986 Theatre World Award

Version 7

Dames at Sea (1989-??-Haymarket Theatre-London)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Haymarket Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée :
Nombre :
Première Preview : Inconnu
Première: Inconnu
Dernière: Inconnu
Mise en scène : ???? ????
Chorégraphie : ???? ????
Producteur :
Star(s) :
Avec: Avec: Sandra Dickinson, Brian Cant, Josephine Blake, Paul Grunert, Tina Doyle, Paul Robinson, Julie Faye, Paul Danbury

Version 8

Dames at Sea (1996-05-Ambassador's Theatre-London)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Ambassadors Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 1 mois 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : 28 May 1996
Première: 29 May 1996
Dernière: 20 July 1996
Mise en scène : John Gardyne
Chorégraphie : Lindsay Dolan
Producteur :
Star(s) :
Avec: Kim Criswell (Mona), Sara Crowe (Joan), Peter Duncan (Hennessey), Joanne Farrell (Ruby), Jason Gardiner (Dick), John Peterson (Lucky)
Commentaires : This was a limited run as part of the Covent Garden Festival. It was hoped it might extend, but in spite of decent notices, it failed to draw the crowds.

Version 9

Dames at Sea (2002-04-Goodspeed Opera House-East Haddam)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Goodspeed Opera House (East Haddam - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 3 mois
Nombre :
Première Preview : 05 April 2002
Première: 05 April 2002
Dernière: 06 July 2002
Mise en scène : Scott Thompson
Chorégraphie : Scott Thompson
Producteur :
Star(s) :
Avec: Mona Kent … Corinne Melançon
Dick … Joel Carlton
Harry Henessey / Captain … David Engel
Lucky … Michael Gruber
Joan … Paula Leggett Chase
Ruby … Andrea Chamberlain

Version 10

Dames at Sea (2004-09-Bouwerie Lane Theatre-Off Broadway)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Bouwerie Lane Theatre (Broadway (Off) - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 1 mois 4 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : 30 September 2004
Première: 30 September 2004
Dernière: 28 November 2004
Mise en scène : David Fuller
Chorégraphie : Barbara Brandt
Producteur :
Star(s) :

Version 11

Dames at Sea (2011-07-Union Theatre-London)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Union Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : 27 July 2011
Première: 29 July 2011
Dernière: 20 August 2011
Mise en scène : Kirk Jameson
Chorégraphie : Drew McOnie
Producteur :
Star(s) :
Avec: Mona Kent … Rosemary Ashe / The Captain … Ian Mowat / Ruby … Gemma Sutton / Joan … Claire Marlowe / Dick ... Daniel Bartlett / Lucky … Alan Hunter / Hennessey … Anthony Wise / Ensemble: Sasi Strallen, Meg Gallagher, Natalie Kent, Joshua Tonks, Matt Gillett, Jonny Godbold.

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