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0001 - John & Jen (1995)
Musique: Andrew Lippa
Paroles: Tom Greenwald
Livret: Andrew Lippa • Tom Greenwald
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Résumé: Six-year-old Jen promises to protect her newborn baby brother from their violent and abusive father. Not long after John's seventh birthday, Jen discovers a bruise on John’s face and vows that John will never be hurt again, and they make a pact always to be there for each other. But as they grow up, they drift apart and end up quarrelling. John joins the Navy and Jen moves to Canada with her draft-dodging boyfriend. Then John is killed in Vietnam, leaving Jen to whisper over his coffin "I'm sorry, little brother." Years later Jen’s marriage has failed and she moves back to America with her young son, named John in honour of his dead uncle. Visiting her brother's grave, she vows she won't fail her son like she failed her brother. But she becomes totally possessive, and gradually is no longer able to differentiate between her brother and her son. John feels imprisoned by his mother, and in an argument, Jen slaps her son. She suddenly realises how she has become like her own abusive father. She asks John’s forgiveness and is finally able to let her son go, and they take their first steps into the world on their own.

Création: 16/5/1995 - Lamb's Theatre (Broadway (Off)) - 18 représ.