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0001 - Story of my Life (The) (2008)
Musique: Neil Bartram
Paroles: Neil Bartram
Livret: Brian Hill
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Résumé: The musical follows a lifelong friendship between two men, Alvin and Thomas, whose childhood bond continues throughout their adult years. describes the musical as "an authentic and affecting work, told through a series of songs in turn playful, touching and dramatic, and expertly orchestrated by Jonathan Tunick. One New York critic predicted, 'When the original cast recording comes out, see if you don't find yourself moved to Google the name of some long-lost friend with whom you simply lost touch. The Story Of My Life inspires us to reconnect with those who were part of the earliest chapters of our own life stories'."

Création: 10/10/2008 - Goodspeed Opera House (East Haddam) - représ.