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Version 1

Anything goes (1987-10-Vivian Beaumont Theatre-LCPA-New York)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (New-York - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 1 an 10 mois 2 semaines
Nombre : 44 previews - 784 représentations
Première Preview : Friday 11 September 1987
Première : Monday 19 October 1987
Dernière : Sunday 03 September 1989
Mise en scène : Jerry Zaks
Chorégraphie : Michael Smuin
Producteur :
Avec : Avec Patti LuPone (Reno Sweeney), Howard McGillin (Billy Crocker), Bill McCutcheon (Moonface Martin), Rex Everhart (Elisha Whitney), Anne Francine (Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt), Linda Hart (Erma), Anthony Heald (Lord Evelyn Oakleigh), Kathleen Mahony-Bennett (Hope Harcourt), David Pursley (Captain), Gerry Vichi (Purser), Pat Gorman (Countess), Richard Korthaze (Minister), Stanford Egi (Luke), Toshi Toda (John), Robert Kellett (Reporter #1), Larry Cahn (Reporter #2), Dale Hensley (G-Man #1), Leslie Feagan (G-Man #2), Steve Stiner (Fred), Eric Y. L. Chan (Louie), Gerry McIntyre (Photographer), Jane Seaman (Woman in Bathchair), Alice Ann Oakes (Woman in Bathchair's Niece), Chantey Quartet: Larry Cahn, Leslie Feagan, Dale Hensley, Steve Stiner; Thuggish Sailors: Mark Chmiel, Dan Fletcher, Lacy Darryl Phillips; Dancing Ensemble: Eric Y. L. Chan, Mark Chmiel, Dan Fletcher, Robert Kellett, Jane Lanier, Gerry McIntyre, Alice Ann Oakes, Lacy Darryl Phillips, Michele Pigliavento, Daryl Richardson, Maryellen Scilla, Alec Timerman, Barbara Yeager

The following cast changes occurred during the run of the show:
Walter Bobbie (Lord Evelyn Oakleigh), Gregg Edelman (Billy Crocker), Linda Hart (Reno Sweeney), Leslie Uggams (Reno Sweeney), Nancy Opel (Hope Harcourt), Maryellen Scilla (Erma), Susan Terry (Erma), Gerry Vichi (Moonface Martin), Dancing Ensemble: Robert Ashford, Joe Deer

Version 2

Anything goes (1989-07-Prince Edward Th-London)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Prince Edward Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 1 an 1 mois 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : Inconnu
Première : Tuesday 04 July 1989
Dernière : Saturday 25 August 1990
Mise en scène : Jerry Zaks
Chorégraphie : Michael Smuin
Producteur :
Avec : Elaine Paige (Reno Sweeney), Howard McGillin (Billy Crocker), Bernard Cribbins (Moonface Martin), Kathryn Evans (Erma), Ursula Smith (Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt), Martin Turner (Lord Evelyn Oakleigh), Ashleigh Sendin (Hope Harcourt) and Harry Towb (Elisha Whitney)
Commentaires : Ever since this show was first performed (in 1925) it was known the original book, created by Guy Bolton and P.G.Wodehouse, had to be re-written at the last moment because the show involved a shipwreck scene and this would be too tasteless following a real-life shipwreck at that time. However, in the 1990s it was finally revealed this story was completely untrue. The original script had never included a shipwreck - it was simply too scrappy and poor to be used.
Commentaires longs: Bolton was a tax exile in London, and P.G.Wodehouse refused to leave France, so they created the work “long-distance” and posted it to Broadway. The producer, Arthur Freedley, was horrified with the result, but because they were very distinguished theatre writers, he did not want to damage his relationship with them. He called in Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse to create a new book, and in order to help Bolton and Wodehouse save face, the story was concocted that their original script had been abandoned because it involved a shipwreck (completely untrue!). Shortly before rehearsals started there had been the fatal sinking of the USS Morro Castle off the coast of New Jersey, providing the perfect excuse. Freedley announced that because the original writers were out of the country and time was too short, a new team had to take over and re-write the script. This totally false story only came to light after it had been accepted by three generations of theatre historians.

Version 3

Mack & Mabel (1995-11-Piccadilly Theatre-London)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Piccadilly Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 7 mois 3 semaines
Nombre : 270 représentations
Première Preview : Tuesday 24 October 1995
Première : Tuesday 07 November 1995
Dernière : Saturday 29 June 1996
Mise en scène : Paul Kerryson
Chorégraphie : Michael Smuin
Producteur :
Avec : Howard McGillin (Mack), James Smillie (Mack à partir de février), Caroline O'Connor (Mabel), Kathryn Evans (Lottie), Jonathan D. Ellis (Frank), Philip Herbert (Fatty), Graham Hubbard (Kleinman), Alan Mosley (Fox), Julia Parrott (Ella), Ray Scott-Johnson (William Desmond Taylor)
Commentaires : This had been a spectacular two month flop on Broadway in 1974, despite leading stars Robert Preston and Bernadette Peters, directed by Gower Champion. It had occasional touring and stock revivals in America but seemed unlikely to come to the West End. In 1984 the Olympic ice skaters Torvill and Dean used the overture as music for their gold-medal winning performance, and then the radio disc-jockey David Jacobs began promoting the album, claiming, quite rightly, it was one of the very best and most ignored of musical scores. Finally, 21 years after its Broadway premiere, a production was mounted at Leicester Haymarket and brought into the West End. The book had been revised to create a happy ending (in the original Mabel Normand died), and some new songs were added, but the book proved to be the problem. The songs were great, yet the show didn’t really hang together. It managed a seven month run during which Howard McGillan was replaced with James Smillie.

Version 4

Shogun (1990-11-Marquis Theatre-Broadway)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Marquis Theatre (Broadway - Etats-Unis)

Durée : 2 mois
Nombre : 18 previews - 72 représentations
Première Preview : Thursday 01 November 1990
Première : Tuesday 20 November 1990
Dernière : Sunday 20 January 1991
Mise en scène : Michael Smuin
Chorégraphie : Michael Smuin
Producteur :

Version 5

Sophisticated Ladies (1981-03-Lunt-Fontanne Theatre-Broadway)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (Broadway - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 1 an 10 mois 1 semaine
Nombre : 16 previews - 767 représentations
Première Preview : Monday 16 February 1981
Première : Sunday 01 March 1981
Dernière : Sunday 02 January 1983
Mise en scène : Michael Smuin
Chorégraphie : Michael Smuin • Donald McKayle
Producteur :
Avec : Priscilla Baskerville, Hinton Battle, P. J. Benjamin, Gregg Burge, Mercedes Ellington, Gregory Hines, Phyllis Hyman, Judith Jamison, Terri Klausner, Mercer Ellington