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0001 - Hired Man (The) (1984)
Musique: Howard Goodall
Paroles: Melvyn Bragg
Livret: Melvyn Bragg
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Résumé: John Tallentire, a Cumbrian hired journeyman with a love for the land, and his wife, Emily settle in the poor circumstances of their surroundings until Emily's yearning for a more exciting life leads her into an indiscretion with the dashing young Jackson Pennington. John gives up his beloved land to take her to the city. He exchanges his plough for a miner's pick and shovel, and the open-air for the darkness of the pit. The war, the death of their son, and then Emily's death intervene before John can finally return to the land.

Création: 31/10/1984 - Astoria Theatre (Londres) - représ.