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0001 - Ernest in Love (1960)
Musique: Lee Pockriss
Paroles: Anne Croswell
Livret: Anne Croswell
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Résumé: Jack is an English gentleman who pretends to be his own brother, named Ernest, so he can enjoy himself in the city without besmirching his reputation at his country estate. Unfortunately, he's just fallen in love with a young woman who insists that she can only marry a man named Ernest--and when Jack's best friend (Algy) goes to Jack's country estate pretending to be this same brother Ernest, he falls in love with Jack's ward, who similarly feels that Ernest is the perfect name for a husband... The absurdity of the plot is matched by the exquisite cleverness of the dialogue. Pandemonium ensues when these two would-be Ernests find themselves face-to-face and in the predicament of explaining who they really are!

Création: 4/5/1960 - Gramercy Arts Theatre (Broadway (Off)) - représ.