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0001 - Peggy Sue Got Married (2001)
Musique: Bob Gaudio
Paroles: Jerry Leichtling
Livret: Arlene Sarner • Jerry Leichtling
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Résumé: The year is 1985, 42 year old Peggy Sue is coping with an impending divorce from her husband of 25 years. Longing for the good times gone by, she attends a high school reunion where she faints only to awaken back in 1960. Her soon to be ex-husband is now her boyfriend, all her friends are young again, but only the now 17 year old Peggy Sue retains the knowledge of the intervening years. Given the chance to relive part of her life - what does she change?

Création: 20/8/2001 - Shaftesbury Theatre (Londres) - représ.