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Version 1

Caroline, Or Change (2003-11-Public Theatre-Off Broadway)

Type de série: Original Off-Broadway
Théâtre: Public Theatre (Broadway (Off) - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 2 mois
Nombre :
Première Preview : Wednesday 29 October 2003
Première : Sunday 30 November 2003
Dernière : Sunday 01 February 2004
Mise en scène : George C Wolfe
Chorégraphie : Hope Clarke
Producteur :
Commentaires longs: Transféré à Broadway après cette série dans l'Off-Broadway

Version 2

Caroline, Or Change (2004-05-Eugene O'Neill Theatre-Broadway)

Type de série: Original Broadway
Théâtre: Eugene O'Neill Theatre (Broadway - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 3 mois 4 semaines
Nombre : 22 previews - 136 représentations
Première Preview : Tuesday 13 April 2004
Première : Sunday 02 May 2004
Dernière : Sunday 29 August 2004
Mise en scène : George C Wolfe
Chorégraphie : Hope Clarke
Producteur :
Avec : Caroline Thibodeaux ... Tonya Pinkins
Emmie Thibodeaux ... Anika Noni Rose
Noah Gellman ... Harrison Chad
Stuart Gellman ... David Costabile
Rose Stopnick Gellman ... Veanne Cox
Dotty Moffett ... Chandra Wilson
The Dryer/The Bus ... Chuck Cooper
Grandpa Gellman ... Reathel Bean
The Radio ... Tracy Nicole Chapman & Marva Hicks

Version 3

Caroline, Or Change (2006-10-Lyttelton Theatre-NT-London)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: National Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Salle : Lyttelton Theatre
Durée : 2 mois 2 semaines
Nombre : 58 représentations
Première Preview : Tuesday 10 October 2006
Première : Thursday 19 October 2006
Dernière : Thursday 04 January 2007
Mise en scène : George C Wolfe
Chorégraphie : Hope Clarke
Producteur :
Avec : Tonya Pinkins {Caroline Thibodeaux), Greg Bernstein/Perry Millward/Jonny Weldon (Noah), Anna Francolini (Rose Gellman), Clive Rowe, Ian Lavender, Richard Henders, Hilton McRae Valda Avicks
Commentaires : This through-composed musical, combining spirituals, blues, Motown , classical music and Jewish Klezmer, began off-Broadway in November 2003, and received a Broadway production from May 2004 running for 126 performances. In spite of its very short run, it received six Tony Award nominations. The London production at the National Theatre did not achieve its hoped-for West End transfer, but it did win the Olivier Award for Best New Musical. (Tony Kushner was better known as the author of the AIDS play “Angels in America” )
Presse : NICOLAS DE JONGH for THE EVENING STANDARD says, "Caroline, Or Change turns out, therefore, to be a quaintly charming musical, beautifully acted...Unfortunately Kushner's almost non-stop lyrics, whose words too often become submerged by the 10-strong orchestra, are embarrassingly inept, banal and rambling." MICHAEL BILLINGTON for THE GUARDIAN says, "A remarkable musical...the real joy lies in finding a musical that combines compassion with social awareness." CHARLES SPENCER for THE DAILY TELEGRAPH says, "Amazing piece of music-theatre...Kushner's great achievement is to make the political personal in a work that combines great dramatic intensity with wild flights of fantasy and music of thrilling variety and strength...Tonya Pinkins is simply sensational in the title role" BENEDICT NIGHTINGALE for THE TIMES says, "Tesori’s score, which embraces Afro-American and Jewish music, rock and blues and gospel, does help to give the evening the size and significance it’s in danger of lacking." ALEKS SIERZ for THE STAGE says, "Enjoyable to watch and highly emotional." PAUL TAYLOR for THE INDEPENDENT says, "The staging by George C Wolfe is a pictorial joy. Caroline, or Change makes a delightful change from the usual no-brainer musical."

Version 4

Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus (2019-04-Booth Theatre-Broadway)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Booth Theatre (Broadway - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 3 mois 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : Tuesday 05 March 2019
Première : Thursday 11 April 2019
Dernière : Sunday 04 August 2019
Mise en scène : George C Wolfe
Chorégraphie :
Producteur :
Avec : Nathan Lane (as Gary) and Andrea Martin (as Janice)
Commentaires : Three-time Tony Award winner Nathan Lane and two-time Tony Award winner Andrea Martin return to Broadway to star in the world premiere of Taylor Mac's new comedy Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus.

Version 5

Iceman Cometh (The) (2018-04-Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre-Broadway)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre (Broadway - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 2 mois
Nombre : 28 previews - 67 représentations
Première Preview : Friday 23 March 2018
Première : Thursday 26 April 2018
Dernière : Sunday 01 July 2018
Mise en scène : George C Wolfe
Chorégraphie :
Producteur :
Avec : Denzel Washington (as Hickey), Colm Meaney (as Harry Hope), David Morse (as Larry Slade), Bill Irwin (as Ed Mosher), Tammy Blanchard (as Cora), Carolyn Braver (as Pearl), Austin Butler (as Don Parrit), Joe Forbrich (as Lieb), Nina Grollman (as Margie), Thomas Michael Hammond (as Moran), Neal Huff (as Willie Oban), Danny Mastrogiorgio (as Chuck Morello), Dakin Matthews (as Piet Wetjoen), Jack McGee (as Pat McGloin), Clark Middleton (as Hugo Kalmar), Michael Potts (as Joe Mott), Reg Rogers (as James Cameron), and Frank Wood (as Cecil Lewis)
Commentaires : Arguably the most acclaimed piece of theatre from the hand of esteemed playwright Eugene O'Neill, The Iceman Cometh once again to the Broadway stage. The central character of Hickey is a dream role for many an accomplished actor and now the honor falls to Tony and two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington…

Tony and two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington returns to Broadway in Eugene O'Neill's classic The Iceman Cometh. The play follows Hickey, a troubled alcoholic who takes it upon himself to dissuade fellow drinkers in a NYC bar to give up their pipe dreams and face the harsh realities of life, uncovering the secrets of his own past in the process.

Version 6

On the Town (1998-11-George Gershwin Theatre-Broadway)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Gershwin Theatre (Broadway - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 1 mois 4 semaines
Nombre : 32 previews - 69 représentations
Première Preview : Tuesday 20 October 1998
Première : Thursday 19 November 1998
Dernière : Sunday 17 January 1999
Mise en scène : George C Wolfe
Chorégraphie : Kate Young
Producteur :

Version 7

Shuffle Along (2016-04-Music Box Theatre-Broadway)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Music Box Theatre (Broadway - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 2 mois 3 semaines
Nombre : 38 previews - 100 représentations
Première Preview : Tuesday 15 March 2016
Première : Thursday 28 April 2016
Dernière : Sunday 24 July 2016
Mise en scène : George C Wolfe
Chorégraphie :
Producteur :
Avec : Audra McDonald (Lottie Gee), Brian Stokes Mitchell (F.E. Miller), Billy Porter (Aubrey Lyles), Brandon Victor Dixon (Noble Sissle), Joshua Henry (Eubie Blake), Brooks Ashmanskas, Felicia Boswell, Amber Iman, Adrienne Warren, Phillip Attmore, Darius de Haas, C.K. Edwards, Afra Hines, Curtis Holland, Adrienne Howard, Kendrick Jones, Lisa LaTouche, Alicia Lundgren, J.C. Montgomery, Erin N. Moore, Janelle Neal, Brittany Parks, Arbender Robinson, Karissa Royster, Britton Smith, Zurin Villanueva, Christian Dante White, J.L. Williams, Pamela Yasutake et Richard Riaz Yoder
Commentaires : Six-time Tony winner Audra McDonald makes her Broadway return in this behind-the-scenes peek into one of the most important musicals of all time. Shuffle Along, or, The Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921 and All That Followed examines the turbulent drama that surrounded the staging of 1921's Shuffle Along, an all-black cast musical that was instrumental in breaking down racial barriers on The Great White Way.

McDonald last trod New York's boards in 2014's Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill, the critically adored Billie Holiday play that bagged the singer her sixth Tony. Her previous wins were for Carousel, Master Class, Ragtime, A Raisin' in the Sun and Porgy and Bess. Also among the all star cast are Tony winners Billy Porter (Kinky Boots) and Brian Stokes Mitchell (Kiss Me, Kate)