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0001 - Sister Act (2006)
Musique: Alan Menken
Paroles: Glenn Slater
Livret: Bill Steinkellner • Cherie Steinkellner
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Genèse: Original productions, Pasadena and Atlanta The musical premiered at the Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena, California on October 24, 2006 and closed on December 23, 2006. It broke records, grossing $1,085,929 to become the highest grossing show ever at the venue. Patina Miller, who would later go on to play the role of Deloris when the show opened in London, was in the ensemble and understudied Deloris. The musical was directed by Peter Schneider, developed by Schneider and Michael Reno, choreographed by Marguerite Derricks, with set design by David Potts, costumes by Garry Lennon, lighting by Donald Holder, and sound by Carl Casella and Dominick Sack. Charles McNulty of the Los Angeles Times wrote that the musical has "Broadway blockbuster written all over it," and Laurence Vittes described it as "hugely entertaining... likely to become a classic" in The Hollywood Reporter. Jonas Schwartz ( was less enthusiastic, saying it "suffers from a bit of an identity crisis. When focused within the confines of the church and the convent, the show is heavenly, singing loudly and confidently. However, the scenes that take place in the outside world are painted with unnecessarily broad and occasionally offensive strokes. Moreover, Dawnn Lewis lacks punch in the lead role of Deloris Van Cartier... [she] is too whiny to fully command the stage." The production then moved to the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia, where it ran from January 17 to February 25, 2007. The cast included Dawnn Lewis as Deloris, Elizabeth Ward Land as the Mother Superior, and Harrison White as Curtis. Curt Holman, writing for the Atlanta-based website, described it as "a whiplash-inducing experience of genuinely clever and exuberant flourishes alternating with cringe-inducing embarrassments.... The weakest parts of Sister Act tend to be the most faithful moments to the film, which makes you wonder what Menken, Slater and the production's delightful design team could have done with original material." Original London production Sister Act opened in the West End at the London Palladium on June 2, 2009, following previews from May 7. The production was directed by Peter Schneider and choreographed by Anthony Van Laast, with set design by Klara Zieglerova, costumes by Lez Brotherston and lighting by Natasha Katz. Following a year-long search, 24-year-old actress Patina Miller was cast as Deloris, alongside Sheila Hancock as the Mother Superior, Ian Lavender as Monsignor Howard, Chris Jarman as Shank, Ako Mitchell as Eddie, Katie Rowley Jones as Sister Mary Robert, Claire Greenway as Sister Mary Patrick and Julia Sutton (later replaced by Jacqueline Clarke) as Sister Mary Lazarus. It was announced on April 29, 2010 that pop singer Simon Webbe of Blue fame would join the cast as Shank on May 31, 2010 and that the production would close on January 1, 2011. It was then announced the show would close on October 30, 2010 to make way for Andrew Lloyd Webber's new musical production of The Wizard of Oz. Chris Jarman took a planned break from the show from May, during which time Webbe played the role of Shank, and Sheila Hancock left on July 31 due to other contractual commitments. All cast members (with the exception of Simon Webbe, who left on August 28) stayed in the show until it closed. Whoopi Goldberg joined the cast as the Mother Superior for a limited engagement that was supposed to last from August 10–31, 2010, but she left the cast on August 27 due to her mother suffering a stroke. Goldberg was then succeeded by Sally Dexter. However, Goldberg returned to the cast for five performances on October 22, 23 and 25. The show closed as announced on October 30, 2010. Original Broadway production A new revised adaptation of the show opened on Broadway at the Broadway Theatre on April 20, 2011, after previews beginning March 24, 2011. Jerry Zaks was the new director with Douglas Carter Beane rewriting the book. (Zaks had previously worked with composer Alan Menken on the 2003 Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors.) Patina Miller, who originated the role of Deloris in the West End production, reprised the role on Broadway, making her Broadway debut. The original cast featured Victoria Clark (Mother Superior), Fred Applegate (Monsignor), Sarah Bolt (Sister Mary Patrick), Chester Gregory (Eddie), Kingsley Leggs (Curtis), Marla Mindelle (Sister Mary Robert) and Audrie Neenan (Sister Mary Lazarus). On October 12, 2011, Clark left the production for unknown reasons. Her understudy, Jennifer Allen played the role after her departure. Carolee Carmello took over the role of the Mother Superior on November 19, 2011. Raven-Symoné replaced Miller as Deloris on March 27, 2012. The show received multiple Tony Award nominations for the 2011 season, including for Best Musical, Best Actress in a Musical (Miller) and Best Featured Actress in a Musical (Clark). The production closed on August 26, 2012 after 28 previews and 561 performances. Other productions The German adaption of the show opened at the Operettenhaus in Hamburg on December 2, 2010. The role of Deloris Van Cartier is performed by Zodwa Selele (first cast) and Patricia Meeden (alternate first cast). Daniela Ziegler plays the role of Mother Superior, Tetje Mierendorf the role of Bones. Sister Mary Robert is being played by Ina Trabesinger, Sister Mary Patrick by Martin de Jager and Sister Mary Lazarus by Sonya Martin. In December 2012 Sister Act will move from Hamburg to Stuttgart. An Austrian production (German Language) opened at the Etablissement Ronacher in Vienna in September 2011. An Italian production opened in late 2011 at the National Theatre in Milan. It will run through the Theatrical Season (2011-2012). The cast includes Loretta Grace (Deloris), Dora Romano (Mother Superior), Timothy Martin (Eddie), Felice Casciano (Curtis Jackson), Laura Galigani (Sister Mary Robert), Simonetta Cartia (Sister Mary Lazarus), Giulia Marangoni (Sister Mary Patrick), Fabrizio Checcacci (Joey), Massimiliano Pironti (Tj), Giacomo Buccheri (Deniro). In The Netherlands, Sister Act will open in 2013, after the musical Wicked. The role of Deloris van Cartier is performed by Carolina Dijkhuizen,[28] Frans Mulder is the Dutch Monsignor O’Hara and Simone Kleinsma will play the role of Mother Superior in the Dutch adaption. The French production of the show will premier on September 20, 2012 at Paris' Theatre Mogador.

Résumé: When disco diva Deloris Van Cartier witnesses a murder, she is put in protective custody in the one place the cops are sure she won't be found - a convent! Disguised as a nun she quickly finds fans amongst her fellow ‘sisters’ but makes the wrong impression on the convent’s strict Mother Superior. When she turns her attention to the convent’s off-key choir, helping the nuns to find their true voices and breathing new life into the rundown neighbourhood, her cover could be blown for good. With the gang giving chase, is time running out for Deloris? Or have they underestimated the power of her new found Sisterhood?

Création: 24/10/2006 - Pasadena Playhouse (Pasadena) - représ.