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0001 - Copperfield (1981)
Musique: Al Kasha • Joel Hirschhorn
Paroles: Al Kasha • Joel Hirschhorn
Livret: Al Kasha • Joel Hirschhorn
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Genèse: The Broadway production was directed and choreographed by Rob Iscove. It began previews at the ANTA Playhouse on March 25, opened on April 16, and closed on April 26 after 39 performances, including 26 previews.

Résumé: Copperfield and Co. is a quick paced, full length musical based on Dickens' "David Copperfield" following the path of David from his early, troubled childhood through to the tribulations of early adulthood, alongside the villainous path of Uriah Heap. In the course of this journey through life, we encounter many classic Dickens characters. The bullying, overbearing Murdstones haunt David's early life, in melodramatic fashion, sending him ultimately to their bottle factory. Here, he meets the inimitable Micawber family. He then passes into the care of the equally eccentric Aunt Betsy and Mr Dick, who dispose of the Murdstones, to everyone's delight. Via Aunt Betsy, he meets his tutor, Mr Wickfield, in whose employ is that infamous, greasy, oily rogue, Uriah. As David moves into adulthood, we see Heap wielding more and more power, before his ultimate demise, and the Micawbers become increasingly involved in the drama. David, meanwhile, suffers the loss of his wife Dora, through illness, but gains the love of Agnes, Mr Wickfield's daughter.

Création: 13/4/1981 - August Wilson Theatre (Broadway) - représ.