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L'événement culturel de l'été à Bruxelles!    

Merry Widow (The)

Musique: Franz Lehar
Paroles: Christopher Hassall

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During 1906, as Die Lustige Witwe won ovations in most of Austria's provincial theatres, it also began to travel across central Europe:
•Hamburg - Neues Operetten-Theater, 3/3/1906
•Berlin - Berliner Theater, 5/1/1906
•Budapest - (A vig Ozvegy) Magyar Szinhaz, 11/27/1906

German speaking countries used the original text, and the Hungarian translation (A vig ozvegy) kept the original plot and song order. But despite its popularity, Lehar's Lustige Witwe was doomed to suffer revisions as it swept the world. English and French translators added new songs, changed character names, and even tweaked some plot points. Translations were popping up everywhere. On a Saturday in 1907, Buenos Aires had no less than five productions, each in a different language, giving two performances a piece.

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