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Version 1

Billy Elliot (2005-05-Victoria Palace-London)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Victoria Palace Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 10 ans 11 mois
Nombre :
Première Preview : Thursday 31 March 2005
Première : Wednesday 11 May 2005
Dernière : Saturday 09 April 2016
Mise en scène : Stephen Daldry
Chorégraphie : Peter Darling
Producteur :
Avec : Cast: James Lomas/George Maguire/Liam Mower (Billy), Haydn Gwynne (Mrs Wilkinson), Tim Healy (Dad), Joe Caffrey (Tony), Ann Emery (Grandma), Trevor Fox (George), Steve Elias (Mr Braithwaite), Stephanie Putson (Dead Mum), Isaac James (Older Billy), Brad Kavanagh/Ashley Long/Ryan Longbottom (Michael), Brook Havana Bailey/Emma Hudson/Lucy Stephenson (Debbie),
Commentaires : The musical was based on the 2000 film of the same name. The original film was partly inspired by A.J. Cronin’s 19 novel “The Stars Look Down”. The musical earned excellent notices - "the greatest British musical I have ever seen" (Daily Telegraph), "a theatrical masterpiece" (Daily Mail) and won four Olivier Awards, including Best New Musical and Best Actor in a Musical awarded jointly to all three boys who played Billy. The Broadway production opened in November 2008, earning totally rave reviews, winning ten Tony Awards, and recovering its entire $18 million investment in 14 months. (The New York production closed on January 8th, 2012 following 40 previews and 1,304 performances.)
Presse : Les critiques sont très très bonnes:

MICHAEL BILLINGTON du THE GUARDIAN: "Billy Elliot succeeds brilliantly because Elton John's music and, especially, Peter Darling's choreography enhance Lee Hall's cinematic concept."
BENEDICT NIGHTINGALE du THE TIMES: "Tougher, bolder and, as my tear-ducts can attest, more moving than its admittedly admirable celluloid precursor. ...If there is a disappointment, it is Elton John’s music, which begins promisingly, with a church-like paean to cameraderie, but never seems either tuneful or original."
CHARLES SPENCER du THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: "Billy Elliot strikes me as the greatest British musical I have ever seen."
ALASTAIR MACAULAY du THE FINANCIAL TIMES: "Elton John's music is too often formulaic but about half of this show achieves dramatic poetry of a kind rare in any kind of theatre."
PAUL TAYLOR du THE INDEPENDENT: "Funny, touching and shamelessly enjoyable staging."

Version 2

Billy Elliot (2007-11-Capitol Theatre-Sydney)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Capitol Theatre (Sydney - Australie)
Durée : 12 mois
Nombre :
Première Preview : Inconnu
Première : Tuesday 13 November 2007
Dernière : Sunday 09 November 2008
Mise en scène : Stephen Daldry
Chorégraphie : Peter Darling
Producteur :

Version 3

Billy Elliot (2008-08-LG Arts Center-Seoul)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: LG Arts Centre (Séoul - Corée du Sud)
Durée :
Nombre :
Première Preview : Tuesday 10 August 2010
Première : Saturday 14 August 2010
Dernière : Thursday 01 January 1970
Mise en scène : Stephen Daldry
Chorégraphie : Peter Darling
Producteur :

Version 4

Billy Elliot (2008-11-Imperial Theatre-Broadway)

Type de série: Original Broadway
Théâtre: Imperial Theatre (Broadway - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 3 ans 1 mois 3 semaines
Nombre : 40 previews - 1304 représentations
Première Preview : Wednesday 01 October 2008
Première : Thursday 13 November 2008
Dernière : Sunday 08 January 2012
Mise en scène : Stephen Daldry
Chorégraphie : Peter Darling
Producteur :
Presse : BEN BRANTLEY for NEW YORK TIMES says, "This show both artfully anatomizes and brazenly exploits the most fundamental and enduring appeal of musicals themselves."
JOE DZIEMIANOWICZ for THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS says, "That rare production - one that brings all the elements together and creates a fresh emotional experience."
BARABARA HOFFMAN for NEW YORK POST says, "The best gift from Britain since Harry Potter."
JOHN SIMON for BLOOMBERG says, "Really does have something for everyone, and that something is, gloriously, art."
ELYSA GARDNER for USA TODAY says, "In one sequence, Billy imagines and shadows an older version of himself, and both leap across the stage as the rapturous strains of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake swell around them. And for a few moments — no matter where you're from — it's impossible to not be transported by this kid's amazing grace. "
LINDA WINNER for NEWSDAY says, "Seriously thrilling as it is deeply lovable."
DAVID SHEWARD for BACK STAGE says"One of the smartest and most satisfying Broadway musicals in years."
ROBERT FELDBERG for THE RECORD says, "It's hard to call "Billy Elliot" a great musical – it's not unique enough for that – but you won't easily find one that's more generously entertaining."
JAQUES LE SOURD for JOURNAL NEWS says, "The Broadway season's first big musical hit."
RICHARD ZOGLIN for TIME MAGAZINE says, "Billy Elliot does almost everything a musical should do, and more."
MICHAEL KUCHWARA for ASSOCIATED PRESS says, "It's not often that a musical comes along that is as ambitious as it is emotional — and then succeeds on both counts."
DAVID ROONEY for VARIETY says, "That 'Billy Elliot' is as much an elegy as a celebration is what makes it such a winner."

Version 5

Billy Elliot (2008-12-Her Majesty's Theatre-Melbourne)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Her Majesty's Theatre (Melbourne - Australie)
Durée : 6 mois
Nombre :
Première Preview : Inconnu
Première : Saturday 13 December 2008
Dernière : Sunday 14 June 2009
Mise en scène : Stephen Daldry
Chorégraphie : Peter Darling
Producteur :

Version 6

Billy Elliot (2010-04-FCPA Oriental Theatre-Chicago)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Ford Center for the Performing Arts Oriental Theatre (Chicago - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 7 mois 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : Thursday 18 March 2010
Première : Sunday 11 April 2010
Dernière : Sunday 28 November 2010
Mise en scène : Stephen Daldry
Chorégraphie : Peter Darling
Producteur :

Version 7

Billy Elliot (2011-02-Canon Theatre-Toronto)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Canon Theatre (Toronto - Canada)
Durée :
Nombre :
Première Preview : Inconnu
Première : Tuesday 01 February 2011
Dernière : Thursday 01 January 1970
Mise en scène : Stephen Daldry
Chorégraphie : Peter Darling
Producteur :

Version 8

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2013-06-Drury Lane-London)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Drury Lane Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 3 ans 6 mois 2 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : Wednesday 22 May 2013
Première : Tuesday 25 June 2013
Dernière : Saturday 07 January 2017
Mise en scène : Sam Mendes
Chorégraphie : Peter Darling
Producteur :
Avec : Douglas Hodge (Willy Wonka), Nigel Planer (Grandpa Joe), Clive Carter (Mr Salt), Jasna Ivir (Mrs Gloop), Paul J Medford (Mr Beauregarde), Iris Roberts (Mrs Teavee), Myra Sands (Grandma Georgina), Joe Allen, David Birch, Michelle Bishop, Mireia Mambo Bokele, Matthew Clark, Alex Clatworthy, Jennifer Davison, Luke Fetherston, Nia Fisher, Kate Graham, Clare Halse, Mark Iles, Daniel Ioannou, Kieran Jae, Jane McMurtrie, Natalie Moore-Williams, Sherrie Pennington, Damien Poole, Paul Saunders, Jack Shalloo, Jay Webb.
Presse : "It only rarely touches the heart or stimulates the imagination. "
Charles Spencer for The Daily Telegraph

"Mendes brings a cinematic sweep to the party that propels proceedings at a rapid pace, overcoming any shortcomings in spectacle and wonder..
Alun Palmer for The Daily Mirror

"The score by the Hairspray combo of Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman is tuneful and wholly unmemorable...Very engaging but rarely elating, this show is a skillful confection that doesn't quite produce the inspired sugar-rush of magic that's required. "
Paul Taylor for The Independent

"Delivers visual ravishment and a warm glow .
Ian Shuttleworth for The Financial Times

"Even if it doesn’t quite live up to the early hype it’s a tremendously inventive show. .
Henry Hitchings for The Evening Standard

"A triumph of exuberant stagecraft.
Simon Edge for The Express

"The success of Sam Mendes's production lies in its reminder that, for all the razzle-dazzle of Mark Thompson's sets and costumes, Dahl's story is essentially a moral fable.."
Michael Billington for The Guardian

Version 9

Closer to heaven (2001-05-Art's theatre-London)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Arts theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Salle : Main Stage
Durée : 4 mois 2 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : Tuesday 15 May 2001
Première : Thursday 31 May 2001
Dernière : Saturday 13 October 2001
Mise en scène : Gemma Bodinetz
Chorégraphie : Peter Darling
Producteur :
Avec : Paul Keating (Straight Dave), Stacey Roca (Shell Christian), David Burt (Vic Christian), Frances Barber (Billie Tricks), Paul Broughton (Bob Saunders), Tom Walker (Mile End Lee), David Langham (Flynn), Jo Cavanagh, Akiya Henry, C. Jay Ranger, Mark John Richarson, Richard Roe, Louie Spence, Mark Stanway, Amanda Valentine, Marcos White
Commentaires : The message that a life of drug abuse, nightclubbing and promiscuous sex will leave you ravaged and lonely came over more as a warning than a sermon, and the Pet Shop Boys’ songs received much praise. However, this was very much aimed at a niche market.
Presse : NICHOLAS DE JONGH for THE EVENING STANDARD says the show, “Brings a rush of excitement and daring to London's musical theatre.”

SUSANNAH CLAPP for The OBSERVER says, “It delivers its tat with fervour, and its giftedness lightly: the music is better, the rhymes sharper than most of what cruises round the West End. It's essence of camp.”

CAITLIN MORAN for THE TIMES says, “The first half was perfect. It was fluffy and meant nothing……The second half, however, sadly and rapidly descended into I-have-something-to-say-itis.

BRIAN LOGAN for TIME OUT says, "It's mostly likeable alternative to 'Fame', 'The King and I' and all those other circles of London's very own musical hell." “

KATE BASSETT for THE INDEPENDENT did not like it at all saying, “This West End venture is an excruciating failure.” And goes on to say, “The lyrics are so banal that muddy amplification is a mercy.” And continues, “Barber shamelessly hams it up. Keating, supposedly a lust-magnet, is a lacklustre non-entity. Others are charmless cartoons.”

Version 10

Groundhog Day (2016-08-Old Vic-London)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Old Vic (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 1 mois
Nombre :
Première Preview : Friday 15 July 2016
Première : Tuesday 16 August 2016
Dernière : Monday 19 September 2016
Mise en scène : Matthew Warchus
Chorégraphie : Peter Darling
Producteur :
Avec : Andy Karl (Phil Connors), Carlyss Peer (Rita), Eugene McCoy (Larry), Leo Andrew, David Birch, Ste Clough, Roger Dipper, Georgina Hagen, Kieran Jae, Julie Jupp, Andrew Langtree, Vicki Lee Taylor, Emma Lindars, Antonio Magro, Carolyn Maitland, Kirsty Malpass, Lisa Mathieson, Jenny O’Leary, Leanne Pinder, Mark Pollard, Damien Poole, Jack Shalloo, Andrew Spillett, Spencer Stafford
Presse : "Does it provide the same quantity of standout, sing-at-home numbers that we saw in Matilda? Hard to say at first sitting – but what is clear is that Groundhog Day is as funny and as touching as you could wish, and it lands with the confidence of an instant classic." Dominic Cavendish for The Telegraph

"While the show is high-grade fun, I enjoyed it more for its dazzling theatrical expertise than for its much thinner emotional content." Michael Billington for The Guardian

"Eloquent about despair but also relentlessly amusing, Groundhog Day is a treat." Henry Hitchings for The Evening Standard

Version 11

Groundhog Day (2017-04-August Wilson Theatre-Broadway)

Type de série: Original Broadway
Théâtre: August Wilson Theatre (Broadway - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 5 mois
Nombre : 31 previews - 176 représentations
Première Preview : Thursday 16 March 2017
Première : Monday 17 April 2017
Dernière : Sunday 17 September 2017
Mise en scène : Matthew Warchus
Chorégraphie : Peter Darling
Producteur :
Avec : Andy Karl (Phil Connors), Barrett Doss (Rita Hanson), Rebecca Faulkenberry (Nancy), John Sanders (Ned Ryerson)
Presse : "Repetition is an art of infinite variety as it’s practiced by Andy Karl in “Groundhog Day,” the dizzyingly witty new musical from the creators of “Matilda.”... “Groundhog Day” reimagines a much-loved film about instant karma with such fertile and feverish theatrical imagination that you expect to see it implode before your eyes." Ben Brantley for New York Times

"If a groundhog sees its shadow, there’ll be six more weeks of winter. If you see “Groundhog Day,” there’ll be 2 hours and 45 minutes of kinetic and sometimes witty but ultimately wearying antics. Fortunately, there’s a silver lining: musical-comedy dreamboat Andy Karl, who puts his own irresistible stamp on the arrogant TV weatherman played in the 1993 film by Bill Murray." Joe Dziemianowicz for New York Daily News

"While there are likeable, inspired elements in this musical adaptation of the great Bill Murray movie, time crawls as you wait for boorish weatherman Phil Connors to surrender to human kindness and true romance." David Cote for Time Out New York

"Unlike far too many musicals regurgitated from hit movies, Groundhog Day is a delirious reinvention with its own defiantly unique personality, a relentless forward-backward spin that leaves you smiling, exhilarated and giddy, much like the Tilt-a-Whirl ride that briefly occupies the stage in the show's second act." David Rooney for Hollywood Reporter

"As musical theater performers go, you couldn’t ask for a more personable fellow than Andy Karl. His high-energy athleticism kept “Rocky” on its toes. And his comic chops earned him plenty of notice in “On the Twentieth Century.” Now, in “Groundhog Day,” he proves he can carry an entire show on his back." Marilyn Stasio for Variety

Version 12

Matilda (2010-12-Courtyard Theatre-Stratford Upon Avon)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Courtyard Theatre (Stratford-Upon-Avon - Angleterre)
Durée : 1 mois 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : Tuesday 09 November 2010
Première : Thursday 09 December 2010
Dernière : Sunday 30 January 2011
Mise en scène : Matthew Warchus
Chorégraphie : Peter Darling
Producteur :

Version 13

Matilda (2011-11-Cambridge Theatre-Londres)

Type de série: Original London
Théâtre: Cambridge Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 9 ans 4 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : Tuesday 25 October 2011
Première : Thursday 24 November 2011
Dernière : Open end, ouvert actuellement jusqu'au Sun 20 December 2020
Mise en scène : Matthew Warchus
Chorégraphie : Peter Darling
Producteur :
Avec : Cleo Demetriou/Kerry Ingram/Sophia Kiely (Matilda), Josie Walker (Mrs Wormwood), Paul Kaye (Mr Wormwood), Gary Watson (Rudolpho), Bertie Carvel (Miss Trunchbull), Lauren Ward (Miss Honey), Peter Howe, Melanie La Barrie, Matthew Malthouse, Emily Shaw, Verity Bentham, Alistair Parker.
Commentaires : Based on the novel by Roald Dahl, the musical opened at the Courtyard Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon on December 9th 2010 (previews from November 9th) and ran until the end of January. The production was re-staged in the West End on November 24th (previews from October 25th) with all the principal cast returning from the Stratford cast, plus three separate teams of nine children, “Matilda” opened to widespread critical acclaim, fast becoming one of the most successful British musicals in modem history. The show won seven Olivier Awards including Best New Musical, at the 2012 ceremony - the most awards ever won by a single show. Cast replacements in April 2012 included Steve Furst (Mr Wormwood) and Hayley Flaherty (Miss Honey) and later replacements planned for the summer were announced as David Leonard (Miss Trunchbull) and Annette McLaughlin (Mrs Wormwood). It was also announced that a Broadway production is scheduled to open in March 2013.
Presse : Utterly exhilarating – Matilda explodes onto the stage’ (The Independant)

‘Gleefully nasty. An evening of unadulterated bliss’ (The Guardian)

‘Hilarious, moving and magical – a glorious production’ (Daily Telegraph)

‘The quest for a great new musical is over’ (Evening Standard)

‘Smart, quirky and sublimely good fun – I can’t wait to see it again’ (Time Out)

‘An absolute cracker, bursting with dynamism, fizzing with verve – fantastic.’ (Daily Express)

‘Giddily enjoyable – roars of approval shake the theatre.’ (Sunday Express)

Version 14

Matilda (2013-04-Shubert Theatre-Broadway)

Type de série: Original Broadway
Théâtre: Shubert Theatre (Broadway - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 3 ans 8 mois 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : Monday 04 March 2013
Première : Thursday 11 April 2013
Dernière : Sunday 01 January 2017
Mise en scène : Matthew Warchus
Chorégraphie : Peter Darling
Producteur :
Avec : Sophia Gennusa, Oona Laurence, Bailey Ryon and Milly Shapiro (aAlternate the role of Matila), Bertie Carvel (Miss Trunchbull), Karen Aldridge (Mrs. Phelps), Gabriel Ebert (Mr. Wormwood), Lesli Margherita (Mrs. Wormwood) and Lauren Ward (Miss Honey). Frenie Acoba, Erica Barnett, Judah Bellamy, Jack Broderick, Ava DeMary, John Arthur Greene, Emma Howard, Nadine Isenegger, Colin Israel, Thayne Jasperson, Luke Mannikus, Madilyn Morrow, Sawyer Nunes, Jared Parker, Celia Mei Rubin, John Sanders, Tamika Sonja Lawrence, Phillip Spaeth, Ryan Steele, Betsy Struxness, Samantha Sturm, Heather Tepe, Ben Thompson, Clay Thomson, Taylor Trensch, Beatrice Tulchin, and Ted Wilson.
Commentaires : The gifted child Matilda, unloved at home but supported by her teacher, tries to rid her school of its evil headmistress, Miss Trunchbull. Based on the Roald Dahl children's book, the hit London production won seven 2012 Olivier Awards, including the esteemed Best New Musical! Having enjoyed over 1500 performances, school is closing soon for Matilda with the production shutting its doors on Broadway come January 1st 2017!
Presse : Les critiques sont excellentes:

"Even more glorious than we were promised." Ben Brantley for New York Times

"Spiky and lavishly inventive." Joe Dziemianowicz for New York Daily News

"Treat for ears and eyes, brain and heart, the glorious “Matilda” has it all." Elisabeth Vincentelli for New York Post

"It’s built to dazzle, and it does." Erik Haagensen for Back Stage

"With its pizazz, humor, style, intelligence and all-around entertainment quotient, "Matilda" is, far and away, the best new musical I’ve seen this season." Robert Feldberg for The Record

"Broadway can add yet another blockbuster to its roster of kid-friendly shows." Roma Torre for NY1

"A frequently entertaining musical." Michael Sommers for Newsroom Jersey

"Dazzlingly inventive musical." David Rooney for The Hollywood Reporter

"An explosion of joy, the most exhilarating and flat-out best musical since 'Billy Elliot.'" David Benedict for Variety

Version 15

Merrily We Roll Along (2000-12-Donmar Warehouse-London)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Donmar Warehouse (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 2 mois 3 semaines
Nombre : 8 previews - 79 représentations
Première Preview : Friday 01 December 2000
Première : Monday 11 December 2000
Dernière : Saturday 03 March 2001
Mise en scène : Michael Grandage
Chorégraphie : Peter Darling
Producteur :
Avec : Grant Russell (Franklin Shepard), Julian Ovenden (Young Franklin Shepard), Daniel Evans (Charles Kringas), Samantha Spiro (Mary Flynn), Emma Jay Thomas, Anna Francolini, Shona White, David Lucas, Neil Gordon-Taylor, Dean Hussain, Matt Blair, James Millard, Mary Stockley, Zehra Naqvi, Lucy Bradshaw.
Commentaires : This was the first full-scale production of the work in London and was greatly praised, receiving almost unanimous praise from the critics.

> 2000 Critics' Circle Award: Best Director (Michael Grandage)
> 2001 Laurence Olivier Award: Best Actor in a Musical (Daniel Evans)
> 2001 Laurence Olivier Award: Best Actress in a Musical (Samantha Spiro)
> 2001 Laurence Olivier Award: Best New Musical (Merrily We Roll Along)
> 2001 Laurence Olivier Award nomination: Best Theatre Choreographer (Peter Darling)
> 2001 Evening Standard Award nomination: Best Musical (Merrily We Roll Along)
Presse : NICHOLAS DE JONGH for THE EVENING STANDARD says "It's the songs, with the acerbic vitality of words and music, that make the evening swing." THE DAILY MAIL says the production is, "outstandingly well choreographed" and describes the performances as "Stunning".

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH liked the show, saying "Though there are patches of the tune-free dissonance that can make Sondheim a trial rather than a pleasure, there are several songs here that beautifully combine Sondheim's gift for wit, melody and melancholy." However, he did not think the show was anything special saying, "I don't think the show would be in anyone's Top 20 of all-time great musicals..."

THE INDEPENDENT says, "This is a knock-out production."

THE GUARDIAN, describes it as "a glorious show" and says "A famous Broadway flop is shown to be a work of emotional substance."

THE FINANCIAL TIMES says, "A total delight." And goes on to say, "Merrily We Roll Along displays all his(Sondheim) theatrical genius married to an attractive humanity."

THE TIMES says, "A splendidly spirited cast."

LISA MARTLAND for THE STAGE says, the show seemed "fragmented" with the result "that the pace is occasionally to slow.." However, she still thinks the show is a "fine production".

JANE EDWARDES for TIME OUT says, "The real pleasure here, lies in Sondheim's yearning music and lyrics...and not in the somewhat tendentious plot that surrounds them".

JOHN PETER for THE SUNDAY TIMES says, "Michael Grandage's production is warm-hearted, ironical, nimble on its feet and as bittersweet as the lyrics and the book."

Version 16

Oh, What a Lovely War! (1998-08-Roundhouse-London)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Roundhouse (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 2 mois
Nombre :
Première Preview : Thursday 06 August 1998
Première : Wednesday 12 August 1998
Dernière : Sunday 11 October 1998
Mise en scène : Fiona Laird
Chorégraphie : Peter Darling
Producteur :
Avec : David Arneil, Clive Hayward, Richard Henders, Dean Lennox Kelly, Rebecca Lock, Paul J. Medford, Karl Morgan, Jackie Morrison, Dominic McHale, Mark Oxotby, Elizabeth Renihan, Rachel Spry, Kraig Thomber, Nicholas Tigg, Luke Williams
Commentaires : This was a touring production in a circus-type tent, designed to take the production around the UK especially to places where there was no permanent theatre. It had begun its tour in Milton Keynes:
> 6 Aug 98 to 11 Oct 98: Roundhouse, West End
> 16 Jun 98 to 20 Jun 98 Playhouse, Nottingham
> 2 Jun 98 to 6 Jun 98 Richmond Theatre, Outer London
> 25 May 98 to 30 May 98 Forum Studio Theatre
> 12 May 98 to 16 May 98 Wrekin College Sports Hall, Telford
> 31 Mar 98 to 4 Apr 98 Stantonbury Campus Theatre, Milton Keynes
> 24 Mar 98 to 28 Mar 98 Thameside Theatre, Grays

Version 17

Our House (2002-10-Cambridge Theatre-London)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Cambridge Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 9 mois 3 semaines
Nombre : 331 représentations
Première Preview : Monday 07 October 2002
Première : Monday 28 October 2002
Dernière : Saturday 16 August 2003
Mise en scène : Matthew Warchus
Chorégraphie : Peter Darling
Producteur :
Avec : Michael Jibson (Joe Casey), Julia Gay (Sarah), Lesley Nicol (Joe ’s Mum), Ian Reddington (Joe’s Dad), Richard Frame, Oliver Jackson, Tameka Empson, Andrea Francis, Matt Cross, Mike Scott, James Beattie, Mark Hilton, Paul Kemble
Commentaires : On the surface this was another compilation “greatest hits” show of the “We Will Rock You” kind. However, the numbers were wrapped around a skilful narrative with inventive and cheerful choreography and a much praised central performance from Michael Jibson as Joe. Although the show received mostly enthusiastic notices, business was very patchy: a series of matinees were cancelled, then matinee days were re-arranged until unexpectedly the show won the 2003 Olivier Award for Best Musical of the Year. This gave it a boost, and it continued to run until mid-August, 2003 - a ten month run.
Presse : MICHAEL COVENEY for THE DAILY MAIL says, "There is something fresh and original here......incisive and imaginative production."

IAN JOHNS for THE TIMES says, "Our House comes as a welcome relief from the camp idolatry behind Mamma Mia! and We Will Rock You."

MICHAEL BILLINGTON for THE GUARDIAN did not like it much saying, "In the course of a long evening, the law of diminishing returns inevitably applies" And going on to say, "The musical groans under the burden of too much plot; and after a time the raucous sameness of the numbers begins to pall. "

NEIL SMITH for BBC ONLINE says, "Matthew Warchus's direction is slick and inventive, while the young cast are clearly having the time of their lives."

CHARLES SPENCER for THE DAILY TELEGRAPH gives a luke-warm notice saying, "Somehow the show adds up to less than the sum of its promising parts." And goes on to say, "Even fanatical admirers of Madness are likely to find themselves exhausted rather than elated."

NICHOLAS DE JONGH for THE EVENING STANDARD says, "A compelling, knife-sharp affair." He goes on to say, "Our House is that rare thing, an original musical."

PETER HEPPLE for THE STAGE, "Even though the group's songs are all similar in style, Tim Firth has done a good job concocting a plot around them. "