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Théâtre (1925)

Livret: Noël Coward

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Savoy Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 2 mois 4 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : mercredi 09 juin 1999
Première : lundi 14 juin 1999
Dernière : samedi 11 septembre 1999
Mise en scène :
Chorégraphie :
Avec : Geraldine McEwan as 'Judith Bliss' with Peter Blythe as 'David Bliss', Monica Dolan as 'Sorel Bliss', Stephen Mangan as 'Simon Bliss', Scott Handy as 'Sandy Tyrell', Sylvestra Le Touzel as 'Myra Arundel', Macolm Sinclair as 'Richard Greatham', Cathryn Bradshaw as 'Jackie Coryton' and Anne White as 'Clara'
Presse : "Intrigue and whimsicality prove deadly partners. Sometimes the emphatic side of Declan Donnellan's production over-eggs the pudding. As in dialogue delivered to a not very funny tango sequence. But Miss McEwan is a riot and a joy as Judith, claiming the role as of right, and as a tipsy, bacchanalian revenge on the outmoded theatre as well as her guests. Cookham is obviously a hell-hole, and the antics of the play a privatised import of sentiment and melodrama to her own doorstep. There are brilliant performances by Sylvestra Le Touzel as an overemphatic, guffawing vamp - who uses sex as a sort of shrimping net and by Malcolm Sinclair as a rigidly bemused diplomat. The scene where the latter falls into an abyss of small talk with Cathryn Bradshaw's common little flapper is a real gem of timing and desperation. So don't catch a cold, catch Hay Fever!" The Daily Mail

"The great joy - and believe me joy is the right word - is that Geraldine McEwan makes a truly divine Mrs Bliss. With her corncrake voice and natural daffiness, she bats her lines off the walls with fabulous theatricality. It's like watching Greta Garbo acting after 15 sherries and a bottle of happy pills. Ms McEwan also adds the idea that Mrs Bliss is certifiable or at least, a couple of cheese straws short of a cocktail party. She gets lovely support from Malcolm Sinclair as the ineffably calm guest and Scott Handy playing Sandy Tyrell. Sylvestra Le Touzel is the hearty Myra Arundel and with Monica Dolan and Peter Blythe as the younger Blisses there's a first-rate ensemble with Cathryn Bradshaw, too, as the frightfully common guest on whom Coward vents his trademark snobbery. If Hay Fever is about anything it's a celebration of the sheer joy of behaving badly. It does it with style in the baronial splendour of Nick Ormerod's gothic set, while Declan Donnelan directs the action in the spirit of a revue. A comic Hay Fever to make your eyes run." The Daily Express

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