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Musical (1925)

Musique: Richard Rodgers
Paroles: Lorenz M. Hart
Livret: Herbert Fields

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Knickerbocker Theatre (Broadway - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 8 mois
Nombre : 286 représentations
Première Preview : Inconnu
Première : vendredi 18 septembre 1925
Dernière : samedi 22 mai 1926
Mise en scène : John Murray Anderson
Chorégraphie : ???? ????
Avec : Mary … Flavia Arcaro
Jane … Helen Spring
Harry … John Seymour
Betsy … Helen Ford
Sir John … Charles Purcell
Washington … H. E. Eldridge
Presse : The critic of The New York Times "waxed rhapsodic over [songs] 'that are as uncommon as most of them are beautiful'", and the New York Evening World called the book "wise and truly witty and genuinely romantic" and praised the beauty and freshness of the songs.

Historian Stanley Green wrote that there was a "well-sustained attempt" to match the music to the plot and period. The ballads were "dainty, charming pieces."

The Telegram reviewer wrote that "We have a glimmering notion that someday they will form the American counterpart of the once great triumvirate of Bolton, Wodehouse, and Kern."

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