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Hippodrome Theatre

Construction: 1905 - Fermeture: 1939
Topologie du théâtre
Nombre de salles actives: 1
Salle 1: (5200)    1905 - Actif
En métro:
En bus:
Adresse: Sixth Ave. bet. W. 43rd and W. 44th, New York, NY


(5200)    1905 - Actif

J.H. Morgan, architect. Frederic Thompson, Elmer S. Dundy, and John W Gates, the creators of Coney Island's Luna Park, built the largest theatre in New York seating over 5,000 people at 14 performances a week and boasting a cast size of 1,000(with live animals). There were circus rings, aquatic effects which included a "Vanishing Pool" that allowed actors to exit the stage underwater, and a moving stage. It was razed in 1939 when the cost of running the theatre became too great and public interest dwindled


1) Jumbo (Original)

Joué durant  5 mois

Nb de représentations: 233 représentations
Première preview: sam. 16 novembre 1935
Première: sam. 16 novembre 1935
Dernière: sam. 18 avril 1936

Metteur en scène: George Abbott • John Murray Anderson •  
Avec: Dave Adams (Second Razorback), Edward Angelry (Razorback), Nancy Antoine (Allan K. Foster Girl), Anita Arden (Show Girl), Dave BallardBarbette (Circus Specialty), Jack Barnes (Circus Specialty), Allen Bennett (Razorback), Big Rosie (Jumbo), Donald Black (Chief of Police), Florence Blair (Allan K. Foster Girl), Evelyn Bonefine (Dancer), Dorothy Bradshaw (Dancer), Tom Breen (Circus Specialty), Helen Brooks (Circus Specialty), William Brooks (Circus Specialty), Helen Brown (Circus Specialty), Camilla's Birds (Circus Specialty), Joseph Caplan (Razorback), Violet Carson (Dancer), Gloria Claire (Dancer), Aina Constant (Show Girl), Vyna Dale (Dancer), Theodore Daniels (Razorback), Daniel Dansby (Razorback), Willard Dashiell (Auctioneer), Charles De Camo (Circus Specialty), Betty De Elmo (Dancer), Josie DeMotte (Circus Specialty), Albert Dewbeery (Circus Specialty), Virginia Donahue (Dancer), Margaret Donohue (Circus Specialty), Dr. Ostermeier's "Doheos" (Circus Specialty), Lipman Duckat (Razorback), Lenze Duo (Circus Specialty), Jimmy Durante (Claudius B. Bowers), Madeline Ecklund (Show Girl), Sybil Elaine (Little Girl), Mickey Elbert (Allan K. Foster Girl), Lynn Eldredge (Razorback), Phil Eppens (Razorback), William J. Ferry (Circus Specialty), France and LaPell (Circus Specialty), Vivian Francis (Allan K. Foster Girl), William Freeman (Razorback), Roger Gerry (Razorback), Tilda Getze (Dancer), Gloria Grafton (Mickey Considine), Joan Gray (Dancer), Mona Gray (Allan K. Foster Girl), Gene Greenlaw (Sweeney), Grace Elizabeth Hanneford (Circus Specialty), Poodles Hanneford ("Poodles"), Betty Harris (Allan K. Foster Girl), Helen Harvey (Circus Specialty), Maurine Holmes (Show Girl), Mildred Hughes (Show Girl), Mary Jackson (Circus Specialty), Harry Jackson, Jr. (Circus Specialty), Harry Jackson, Sr. (Circus Specialty), Julius Johnson (Razorback), Robert Johnson (Razorback), Billie Joyce (Dancer), A. P. Kaye (Mr. Jellico), Dorothy Keller (Allan K. Foster Girl), Tiny Kline (Circus Specialty), Patricia Knight (Dancer), Karl Kosicsky (Circus Specialty), John Kuebler (Reilly), Arthur La Fleur (Circus Specialty), Henry LaMarr (Flanagan), Sonny Lang (Circus Specialty), Ed LaNole (Circus Specialty), Helen LaNole (Circus Specialty), Minnie LaPell (Circus Specialty), Bob Lawrence (Mr. Ball), Edna Lee (Circus Specialty), Jack Leslie (Razorback), Walter Lewis (Razorback), Tom Lomas (First Artist), Charlotte Lorraine (Dancer), Gladys Lorraine (Allan K. Foster Girl), Jim Mandy (Circus Specialty), Carlotta Mann (Show Girl), Lela Manor (Dancer), Lila Manor (Dancer), Jim Mardy (Circus Specialty), Josephine Martin (Allan K. Foster Girl), Rudolph Mattson (Razorback), William J. McCarthy (Matthew Mulligan), Kathryn McDonald (Allan K. Foster Girl), Frances McMasters (Circus Specialty), Gayle Mellott (Show Girl), Menagerie from John T. Benson's Wild Animal Farm (Circus Specialty), Ray Miller (First Razorback), Victoria Miller (Circus Specialty), Virginia Moore (Allan K. Foster Girl), Donald Novis (Matt Mulligan, Jr.), Olivette (Circus Specialty), William Parker (Razorback), J. H. Pendergast (Razorback), Jack Phillips (Razorback), Claude Ratliff (Circus Specialty), Bob Reano (Circus Specialty), A. Robins (Circus Specialty), William Selig (Circus Specialty), Lillian Sherry (Allan K. Foster Girl), Arthur Sherwood (Circus Specialty), Arthur Sinclair (John A. Considine), Fred Spear (Second Artist), Gwen Stader (Allan K. Foster Girl), Stanley's Bears (Circus Specialty), Edwina Steele (Dancer), Julie Sterling (Show Girl), Barbara Stuart (Allan K. Foster Girl), Ethel Summerville (Show Girl), Takayama (Circus Specialty), The Kimris (Circus Specialty), The Nagyfys (Circus Specialty), The Nazfys (Circus Specialty), The Stonleys (Circus Specialty), Carol Tolle (Razorback), Lomas Troupe (Circus Specialty), Tyana (Circus Specialty), Howard Urbach (Razorback), Frances Van Ritter (Circus Specialty), Litri Wagner (Circus Specialty), Herbert Waldman (Razorback), Dorothy Warren (Allan K. Foster Girl), George Watts (United States Marshal), Merrit Wells (Razorback), Solon West (Razorback), Cliff Whitcombe (Razorback), Arnold Wilson (Razorback), Effie Winter (Allan K. Foster Girl), Mae Winter (Allan K. Foster Girl), Philip Wood (Mr. Piper), Victor Young (Razorback) 


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