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Musique: *** Divers
Paroles: *** Divers
Livret: *** Divers

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Entre l'arrêt inopiné de Michael et l'arrivée de David Cassidy...

"Alternate" Version - 1996 Understudy Cast

EFX continued without Michael Crawford and while David Cassidy was in rehearsals to take over. Most of the original cast remained with Kevin Koelbl playing the roles of The EFX Master and Harry Houdini in addition to The Master of Spirits, and Stewart Daylida taking on the additional roles of Merlin and P.T. Barnum while still playing The Master of Laughter. Tina Walsh remained to play Morgana and Bess Houdini, and Lisa Geist continued to play a young King Arthur to Ginny Grady's recorded vocals. Sheldon Craig replaced Jeffrey Polk as The Master of Magic, Saif Eddin took over Rick Stockwell's Master of Time, and Joe Machota was cast as (a much younger) H.G. Wells. In addition to the casting changes, there were also alterations made to the show itself. While it largely remained true to the original version, all of the lyrics for The Masters of Magic, Laughter, Spirit, and Time were rewritten, and some scenes were edited down. Barnum's entire stand-up routine was cut and replaced with a group ensemble number that featured a tumbling troupe and later, a flying trapeze act from Russia. Other changes included the addition of 1930s-style radio voice-over commentary (recorded by Kevin Koelbl) that played during the Houdini scene, the editing down of the music in the finale, and cutting the pre-and-post-show music all together.

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