Musical (1951)

Musique: Frederik Loewe
Paroles: Alan Jay Lerner
Livret: Alan Jay Lerner
Production à la création:

Ben Rumson is a grizzled prospector whose daughter Jennifer finds gold near their camp. Word of the strike gets around and the town's population grows tremendously. Jennifer falls in love with Julio, a Mexican prospector, but goes East to school. When the gold strike is over, she returns to find her town a ghost town and her loved ones left with nothing but their hopes and dreams.

Synopsis complet

The musical opened on Broadway at the Shubert Theatre on November 12, 1951, and closed on July 19, 1952, after 289 performances. The production was directed by Daniel Mann, set design by Oliver Smith, costume design by Motley, lighting design by Peggy Clark, music for dances arranged by Trude Rittman, with dances and musical ensembles by Agnes de Mille set to the orchestrations of Ted Royal.
It starred James Barton (as Ben Rumson), Olga San Juan (Jennifer Rumson), Tony Bavaar (Julio Valveras), Gemze de Lappe (Yvonne Sorel), James Mitchell (Pete Billings), Kay Medford (Cherry), and Marijane Maricle (Elizabeth Woodling). Burl Ives and Eddie Dowling later took over the role of Ben Rumson. De Mille later restaged the dances as a stand-alone ballet, Gold Rush.
The West End production opened on February 11, 1953 at Her Majesty's Theatre and ran for 477 performances. It starred real life father and daughter Bobby Howes and Sally Ann Howes.
A new production, with a revised libretto by David Rambo, was produced by the Pioneer Theatre Company in Salt Lake City, Utah and ran from September 28, 2007, through October 13, 2007. The director was Charles Morey and choreographer Patti D'Beck, with a cast of nearly 30. One change from the original was to have "They Call the Wind Maria" staged as an ensemble number instead of a showcase solo.

Act 1
• I'm On My Way - Steve Bullnack, Jake Whippany, Mike Mooney, Lee Zen, Sing Yuy, Sandy Twist, Edgar Crocker, Reuben Sloane and Miners
• Rumson - Jake
• What's Goin' On Here? - Jennifer Rumson
• I Talk to the Trees - Julio Valveras and Jennifer
• "They Call the Wind Maria" - Steve, Miners and Dancer
• I Still See Elisa - Ben Rumson
• How Can I Wait? - Jennifer
• Trio - Elizabeth Woodling, Sarah Woodling and Jacob Woodling
• Rumson (Reprise) - Jake
• In Between - Ben
• Whoop-Ti-Ay! - Ben, Elizabeth and Miners
• How Can I Wait? (Reprise) - Jennifer and Julio

Act 2
• Hand Me Down That Can O'Beans - Jake and Miners
• Rope Dance - Fandangos, Pete Billings and Singer
• Can-can - Suzanne Duval, Rocky, Fandangos and Miners
• Another Autumn - Julio Valveras, Dancer and Pete Billings
• Movin' - Miners
• I'm On My Way (Reprise) - Miners
• All For Him - Jennifer
• (I Was Born Under a) Wand'rin' Star - Ben
• I Talk to the Trees (Reprise) - Jennifer
• Strike! - Steve, Jasper and Jake
• (I Was Born Under a) Wand'rin' Star (Reprise) - Jake, Steve, Sandy and Miners

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Version 1

Paint your wagon (1996-07-Open Air Theatre Regent's Park-London)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 1 mois 1 semaine
Nombre :
Première Preview : vendredi 26 juillet 1996
Première : vendredi 26 juillet 1996
Dernière : lundi 02 septembre 1996
Mise en scène : Ian Talbot
Chorégraphie : Lisa Kent
Producteur :
Avec : Tony Selby (Ben Rumson), Claire Carrie (Jennifer), Chook Sibtrain (Julio), Gavin Muir, Simon Nock, John Berlyne, Ellen O’Grady, Liz Izen

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