Musical (1912)

Musique: Lionel Monckton
Paroles: Adrian Ross • Percy Greenbank
Livret: James T. Tanner
Production à la création:

Synopsis complet

The Dancing Mistress was presented by the impresario George Edwardes at the Royal Adelphi Theatre, opening on 19 October 1912. The piece, which followed the same composer's and authors' immensely successful The Quaker Girl, featured many of the performers from the earlier show, including the romantic leads, Gertie Millar and Joseph Coyne. It ran at the Adelphi until 21 June 1913.

A touring company presented the piece in the British provinces, with Adele Crispin, John T. MacCallum and Laura Wright in the leading roles of Nancy, Teddy and Virginie.

Act I
No. 1 - Chorus of Girls - "When Spring comes dancing over the hills..."
No. 2 - Bella and Chorus - "In girlhood's happy hours your fancy wanders gaily..."
No. 3 - Widdicombe and Chorus of Girls - "There's a wonderful fascination in the game of speculation..."
No. 4 - Bella, Jeanie, Lyndale and Widdicombe - "Oh, who will over the downs..."
No. 5 - Nancy - "When I was a little lass, being educated..."
No. 6 - The Dancing Lesson
No. 7 - Chorus - "Oh, it's so pleasant that you and we can meet at present for talk and tea..."
No. 8 - Nancy and Teddy - "As Fly-Away Jack soars up aloft upon his airy flight..."
No. 9 - Finale Act I - "Bella, you be bold now, have your fortune told now..."

Act II
No. 10 - Chorus of Skaters and Skiers - "Oh, it's ripping in Switzerland now..."
No. 11 - Jeanie - "I packed my wee bit bag and started awa' from Dover..."
No. 12 - Nancy and Teddy - "I'm busy here, and so I fear I can't spare you a minute..."
No. 13 - Lili and Chorus- "We've come to this country unknown..."
No. 14 - Baron and Chorus - "When you are in love, all the world is fair..."
No. 15 - Lynale, Teddy, Widdicombe, Baron and Dubois - "Though with rage and indignation you're aglow..."
No. 16 - Nancy - "Dear little snowflake, soft and white..."
No. 17 - Bella, Jeanie, Virginie, Lyndale, Widdicombe and Dubois - "I must go and pack now..."
No. 18 - Finale Act II - "We're coming tonight to look at the flight..."

No. 19 - Bella and Lyndale, with Chorus - "While we're dancing together..."
No. 20 - Teddy and Chorus - "Supposing a girl should drop me, and fancy another man..."
No. 21 - Jeanie and Widdicombe - "When I have married you, my dear, and you have married me..."
No. 22 - Cotillon - Polka and Two-Step
No. 23 - Finale Act III

Aucun dossier informatif complémentaire concernant Dancing Mistress (The)

Aucun dossier informatif complémentaire concernant Dancing Mistress (The)

The Times thought the piece too long, and commented, "Mr. Lionel Monckton's songs call for no special comment, but they fulfil their purpose; and The Dancing Mistress, when trimmed and shaped, will make a very pleasant entertainment."
The Illustrated London News thought more highly of Monckton's score, rating "that master of light melody … at his very best." The reviewer thought the show "full of gaiety and fun and colour."
The Observer, like other papers, praised the performers ("so strong a combination as that is quite sure to fill the Adelphi for many months") and, like The Times, called for cuts.
Reviewing the touring production, The Manchester Guardian wrote, "There is no affectation about The Dancing Mistress … A waltz refrain, some dallying with rag-time, and a joke or two about Mr. Lloyd George help to assure the audience that they are not being trifled with and that nothing serious is intended."

Version 1

Dancing Mistress (The) (1912-10-Adelphi Theatre-London)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Adelphi Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée :
Nombre : 242 représentations
Première Preview : samedi 19 octobre 1912
Première : samedi 19 octobre 1912
Dernière : Inconnu
Mise en scène :
Chorégraphie :
Producteur :
Avec : James Blakeley (Widdicombe (butler at "Down House")), F. Pope Stamper (Lord Lyndale (otherwise Mr. Viner)), D. J. Williams (Dubois (an adventurer financing the Baron)), G. Carvey (Baron Montalba), Ivan Berlyn (Berchili (manager of Grand Hôtel des Alpes)), Ernest A. Douglas (M. Rosemblum (a Banker)), Joseph Coyne (Teddy Cavanagh (an aeroplanist)), Gracie Leigh (Jeanie McTavish ("tuckwoman" at "Down House")), Mlle. M. Caumont (Mlle. Virginie Touchet (French mistress at "Down House")), Elsie Spain (Bella Peach (daughter of an Argentine millionaire)), Agnes Thomas (Miss Pindrop (Principal of "Down House")), Maud Cressall (Lady Margrave), Gina Palerme (Lili (a Parisienne)), Gertie Millar (Nancy Joyce (dancing mistress of "Down House"))

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