Musical (2010)

Musique: Oliver Fenwick
Paroles: Oliver Fenwick
Livret: Russell Thompson
Production à la création:

A four-handed series of monologues and songs about love, regret and confusion

Tell the story of four people who live their lives in the shadow of the elusive Livi - a woman whose life is everything hundreds would dream of. But hundreds of people aren't her. She is attractive, popular and admired. and life as she knows it is about to take an unexpected - and uninvited - turn.

Synopsis complet

The music and lyrics were by 18 year old Oliver Fenwick, and though the show had a number of faults, its warmer moments and rounded characters were very promising indeed. Oliver Fenwick was marked out as a talent to watch.

Act One:
The Storytellers' Welcome (Company).
I Suggest A Holiday (Dylan).
On A (Non-Existent) Date (Saffy).
Things My Father Told Me (Harry).
No Time In The Morning (Harry, Saffy, Dylan).
My Only Friend (Louise).
As Time Moves, He Waits (At The Cinema) (Company).

Act Two:
As Time Moves, He Waits (At The Station) (Dylan).
Once Upon A Time (Harry).
The Livi Tango (Saffy).
The Boredom Lament (Company).
My Absent Father (Harry).
This Pot Plant (Louise).

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Version 1

After the Tone (2010-08-Bridewell Theatre-London)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Bridewell Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 1 semaine
Nombre :
Première Preview : lundi 02 août 2010
Première : lundi 02 août 2010
Dernière : samedi 14 août 2010
Mise en scène : Oliver Fenwick
Chorégraphie :
Producteur :
Avec : Joseph Davenport (Harry), Sejal Keshwala (Saffy), Laura Jane Matthewson (Louise), Christopher Wheeler (Dylan)

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