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The king is dead, but who the hell cares? A strange new act has arrived at the fair in the centre of the capital, a grotesque oasis of entertainment. Soon everyone from the gutter-rats to the new queen has fallen for the hand-made freak Grinpayne and his hideously beautiful face. But who is he really? And how did he come to be so marked? Together with an old man, a blind girl and wolf, he has a story to tell. A tale so tragic and so strange that not even he can guess how it will end.

Act I
"Grab It By The Horn (Pre Show)"- Hans And The Bleeding Cheeks, Company Musicians
"Laughter Is The Best Medicine"- Barkilphedro, King Clarence, Josiana, Dirry-Moir, Angelica, Company
"Show Us Your Face"- Mother, Grinpayne, Company
"The Mothers Song"- Mother, Grinpayne
"Hymn Of The Hanged"- Trelaw, Grinpayne
"Cry Of Pain"- Grinpayne
"Stars In The Sky"- Ursus
"Blind To Nothing"- Dea, Ursus, Grinpayne
"Beauty And The Beast"- Grinpayne, Dea
"Weep Oh Weep"- Kupsak, Company
"Somethings Going To Change"- Queen Angelica,Kupsak, Company
"Never Seen A Face Like This"- Dirry-Moir, Josiana
"Born Broken"- Dea, Grinpayne, Ursus
"I Am The Freak Show"- Grinpayne
"Roll Up!"- Company
"Josiana's Letter"- Josiana, Grinpayne
"A Scar Is Born!"- Grinpayne, Company

Act II[edit]
"Labyrinth"- Grinpayne
"Only A Clown"- Barkilphedro, Trelaw, King Clarence, Mother, Grinpayne, Ursus
"Brand New World Of Feeling"- Grinpayne, Josiana
"The Smiling Song"- Grinpayne, Company
"A New Beginning"- Grinpayne, Queen Angelica, Josiana, Dirry-Moir, Company
"Burn Down The Fair"- Barkilphedro, Quake, Company
Finale: "The Last Kiss" "Revenge And Mercy" "The Smile In Your Face" "New Royal Motto" - Grinpayne, Dea, Josiana, Queen Angelica, Dirry-Moir, Barkilphedro, Mother, Trelaw, Company
"Stars In The Sky (Reprise)"- Grinpayne, Dea, Ursus, Company

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Version 1

Grinning Man (The) (2017-12-Trafalgar Studios 1-London)

Type de série: Original London
Théâtre: Trafalgar Studios (Londres - Angleterre)
Salle : Studio 1
Durée : 5 mois
Nombre :
Première Preview : mardi 05 décembre 2017
Première : mardi 05 décembre 2017
Dernière : samedi 05 mai 2018
Mise en scène : Tom Morris
Chorégraphie :
Producteur :
Avec : Louis Maskell (Grinpayne), Julian Bleach (Barkilphedro), Sean Kingsley (Ursus), Ewan Black (Trelaw), Seanne den Besten (Dea), Mark Anderson, Julie Atherton, Jim Kitson, Sophia Mackay, Amanda Wilkin, James Alexander-Taylor, Christina Bloom, Jonathan Cobb, Leo Elso, Claire-Marie Hall, Loren O'Dair.
Commentaires : The Grinning Man is a new musical which premiered at the Bristol Old Vic in 2016, written by Carl Grose based on Victor Hugo's 1869 novel The Man Who Laughs.

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