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0001 - I (1983)
Musique: Robert Purvis
Paroles: Paul Prescott
Livret: Arturo Brachetti
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Résumé: This much-heralded “dinner theatre and cabaret” show was a “new” kind of entertainment. All the seats in the stalls had been removed and the evening started with a meal and some fringe entertainment from the waiters. Later (a kind of “second doors”) the non-eating public were admitted to the circles and the cabaret began. The show was built around a series of spectacular magic tricks by the young quick-change artist, Arturo Brachetti. The auditorium walls were covered in “eyes” - reflecting the name of the show. Some of the complicated tricks failed to work properly, technically things kept falling apart - even the serving of the food failed to finish in time for the proposed start of the show. The production was withdrawn,and completely re-directed and re-staged. Given a new title “Y”, it opened two months later.

Création: 16/3/1983 - Piccadilly Theatre (Londres) - 0 représ.