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Version 1

Johnny Johnson (1936-11-44th Street Theatre-Broadway)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: 44th Street Theatre (Broadway - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 1 mois 4 semaines
Nombre : 68 représentations
Première Preview : Thursday 19 November 1936
Première : Thursday 19 November 1936
Dernière : Saturday 16 January 1937
Mise en scène : Lee Strasberg
Chorégraphie :
Producteur :
Avec : Bob Lewis (The Mayor, French Premier), Tony Kraber (The Editor, Private Harwood, Brother Theodore), Phoebe Brand (Minny Belle Tompkins), Roman Bohnen (Grandpa Joe, American Commander-in-Chief, Brother Claude), Will Lee (A Photographer, Private Goldberger), Curt Conway (A Boy, Private Patrick O’Day, Brother William), Russell Collins (Johnny Johnson), Grover Burgess (Anguish Howington), Susanna Senior (Aggie Tompkins), Sanford Meisner (Captain Valentine), Lee J. Cobb (Doctor McBray, A French Major-General, Brother George), Art Smith (Sergeant Jackson, A Doctor, Brother Thomas), Eunice Stoddard (A Camp Doll), Albert Van Dekker (later known as Albert Dekker) (Corporal George, Brother Hiram), William Challee (Private Fairfax, A Doctor), Elia Kazan (Private Kearns, Doctor Frewd), Herbert Ratner (Private Svenson, Military Policeman, An Attendant), Joseph Pevney (A West Point Lieutenant), Luther Adler (An English Sergeant, Belgian Major-General, Brother Henry), Judson Hall (A British Soldier), Jules (later, John) Garfield (Johann Lang), Paula Miller (A French Nurse), Paul Mann (An Orderly, German Priest), Ruth Nelson (A Sister from the O.D.S.D.L.D.), Morris Carnovsky (Chief of the Allied High Command. Doctor Mahodan), Orrin Jennings (His Majesty the King), John Most (British Commander-in-Chief), Thomas C. Kennedy (Scottish Colonel), Jack Saltzman (A Liaison Officer), Alfred Saxe (American Priest), Kate Allen (Doctor Mahodan’s Secretary), Robert Joseph (Brother Jim), Eddie Ryan Jr. (An Attendant), Peter Ainsley (Soldier), James Blake (Soldier), Judson Hall (Soldier)