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Musical (1998)

Musique: Bee Gees
Paroles: Bee Gees
Livret: Arlene Phillips • Nan Knighton • Paul Nicholas • Robert Stigwood

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Palladium Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 1 an 9 mois 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : mardi 21 avril 1998
Première : mardi 05 mai 1998
Dernière : samedi 26 février 2000
Mise en scène : Arlene Phillips
Chorégraphie : Arlene Phillips
Avec : Adam Garcia (Tony Monero), Anita Louise Combe (Stephanie), Tara Wilkinson (Annette), Simon Greiff (Bobby C), Richard Calkin (Monty), David Paynton-Bruhl (Fusco), Jonathan Avery (Frank Monero), Susan Fay (Flo Manero), John Stacey (Frank Junior), Lara Costa (Maria), Daryn Crosbie (Cesar)
Commentaires : Originally a story by Nik Cohn, it became a smash-hit 1977 Paramount film with a screenplay by Norman Wexler, starring John Travolta. The £4 million stage adaptation was attributed to Nan Knighton “in collaboration with Arlene Phillips, Paul Nicholas and Robert Stigwood”. Many of the film's darker elements, including references to racial conflict, drug use and violence, were eliminated from the plot. It received very mixed reviews, though there was universal praise for Adam Garcia. It ran for 21 months at the Palladium and later undertook several UK tours, and international stagings.
Presse : JAMES WHITAKER of THE DAILY MIRROR says "Some of the best dancing ever seen on a West End stage "

ROBERT GORE-LANGTON of THE DAILY EXPRESS said, " If you liked Grease you'll probably love this ".

MICHAEL COVENEY of THE DAILY MAIL was not too impressed saying, " I don't think there's a single good song here."

DAVID LISTER of THE INDEPENDENT says "The show lacked tension, a sense of danger, a sense of New York, a sense of the repressed working-class life…"

NICHOLAS JE JONGH of THE EVENING STANDARD says "It's a tame, not that well sung disco blast from the recent past.."

However, the most scathing review I read, and disagreed with, was by SHERIDEN MORLEY who says the show has a score "so unmemorable, you forget its songs while they are being sung" and goes on to say "Stay at home with a video, but not the one of this pathetic apology for entertainment".