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Musical (2018)

Musique: Jeff Richmond
Paroles: Neil Benjamin
Livret: Tina Fey

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: August Wilson Theatre (Broadway - Etats-Unis)
Durée : Se joue actuellement
Nombre : 29 previews -
Première Preview : lundi 12 mars 2018
Première : dimanche 08 avril 2018
Dernière : Open end, ouvert actuellement jusqu'au jeu. 01 janvier 1970
Mise en scène : Casey Nicholaw
Chorégraphie : Casey Nicholaw
Avec : Erika Henningsen  (Cady Heron), Taylor Louderman  (Regina George), Ashley Park  (Gretchen Wieners), Kate Rockwell  (Karen Smith), Kerry Butler  (Mrs. Heron/Ms. Norbury/Mrs. George), Grey Henson  (Damian Hubbard), Cheech Manohar  (Kevin Gnapoor), (), Kyle Selig  (Aaron Samuels), Barrett Wilbert Weed  (Janis Sarkisian), Rick Younger  (Mr. Duvall), (), Stephanie Lynn Bissonnette  (Ensemble), Collins Conley  (Ensemble), Ben Cook  (Ensemble), DeMarius R. Copes  (Ensemble), Kevin Csolak  (Ensemble), Devon Hadsell  (Ensemble), Curtis Holland  (Ensemble), Myles McHale  (Ensemble), Nikhil Saboo  (Ensemble), Jonalyn Saxer  (Ensemble), Brendon Stimson  (Ensemble), Riza Takahashi  (Ensemble), Kamille Upshaw  (Ensemble), Zurin Villanueva  (Ensemble), Gianna Yanelli  (Ensemble)
Presse : "Let me say up front that if I were asked to choose among the healthy lineup of girl-power musicals now exercising their lungs on Broadway, you would have to count me on Team Regina. That’s a reference to the alpha leader of the nasty title characters of Mean Girls, the likable but seriously over-padded new show." Ben Brantley for New York Times

"Tina Fey’s new Broadway musical Mean Girls delivers a fizzy blast that tickles the ears, eyes and funny bone." Joe Dziemianowicz for New York Daily News

"Mean Girls’s gospel of female self-actualization is borne out in the platform it provides for some of the most exciting young performers in musical theater. They bring a lot to the cafeteria table." Adam Feldman for Time Out New York

"Director-choreographer Nicholaw infuses the production with his customary playful energy, and his dance moves have an almost awkwardly explosive quality that seems organic to the teenage characters. Even the splashy ensemble numbers, two of which make memorable use of cafeteria trays, suggest a nervous burst of hormonally charged adolescence that makes Mean Girls sing." David Rooney for Hollywood Reporter

"Tina Fey’s catty book and Nell Benjamin’s saucy lyrics pump laughs into this smart, funny, musical-comedy version of the 2004 movie." Marilyn Stasio for Variety