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Théâtre (1895)

Livret: Oscar Wilde

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Harold Pinter Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)

Durée : 2 mois
Nombre :
Première Preview : vendredi 27 juin 2014
Première : jeudi 17 juillet 2014
Dernière : samedi 20 septembre 2014
Mise en scène : Lucy Bailey
Chorégraphie :
Avec : The Bunbury Company of Players: Nigel Havers, Sian Phillips, Rosalind Ayres, Niall Buggy, Martin Jarvis, Christine Kavanagh, Cherie Lunghi
Presse : "Those who love Wilde will feel similarly let down by this self-indulgent travesty of a masterpiece." Charles Spencer for The Daily Telegraph

"If visitors to Paris's Père Lachaise cemetery currently hear a strange noise, it is that of Oscar Wilde's spirit loudly rebelling at the thought that his sublime comedy needs to be 'reimagined'." Michael Billington for The Guardian

"The production left me with two main feelings. One is that the age-blind casting suits the slightly surreal Lewis Carroll aspect of the play's subversiveness. The second is that theatre is such a non-realist art that good acting can render age irrelevant." Paul Taylor for The Independent

"Playwright Simon Brett has given Oscar Wilde’s classic a delightful new context and I don’t think I’ve enjoyed the play quite as much since the first couple of times I ever saw it." Quentin Letts for The Daily Mail

"The great and good of British acting Nigel Havers, Sian Phillips, Cheri Lunghi and Martin Jarvis bring an Acorn Antiques quality to Oscar Wilde's famous play." Neil Norman for The Daily Express

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