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Musical (1996)

Musique: John Farrar
Paroles: Tim Rice
Livret: Cliff Richard • Frank Dunlop

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: UK Tour ( - Angleterre)
Durée : 3 mois 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : mercredi 16 octobre 1996
Première : mercredi 16 octobre 1996
Dernière : samedi 08 février 1997
Mise en scène : Frank Dunlop
Chorégraphie : Brad Jeffries
Avec : Cliff Richard (Narrator/Heathcliff), Helen Hobson (Cathy), Jimmy Johnston (Earnshaw/Hindley), Darryl Knock (Edgar), Sara Haggerty (Isabella), Gordon Giltrap (Troubadour), Geoff David, Chris Holland, Sonia Jones, Niki Kitt, Suzanne Parry
Commentaires : The music was by John Farrar, a former member of Cliff Richard’s legendary backing group, The Shadows, the lyrics by Tim Rice and the production by the renowned Frank Dunlop. Because of Cliff Richard’s personal reputation as the “Peter Pan of Pop” and the squeaky-clean image of his private life, he was never likely to be taken seriously by the critics. They had great fun suggesting other unlikely pieces of casting: Liberace as King Lear, Max Bygraves as Titus Andronicus, Julie Andrews as Lady Macbeth - and calling the show more “withering than wuthering”. However, for its Birmingham Arena premiere it had a record-breaking £8.5 million advance, with 340,000 tickets sold. It was a sell-out there, in Edinburgh, Manchester and during its London Apollo run, and packed every night with the blue-rinsed army of fans nicknamed the “Cliffhangers”.
Whatever the critics’ view of Cliff Richard as an actor, there was no doubting he was a genuine, twenty-four carat star.

> 7 Jan 97 to 8 Feb 97 Palace Theatre, Manchester
> 13 Dec 96 to 19 Dec 96 NEC (National Exhibition Centre), Birmingham
> 5 Nov 96 to 7 Dec 96 Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh
> 16 Oct 96 to 2 Nov 96 NEC (National Exhibition Centre), Birmingham

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