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Musical (2008)

Musique: Robbie Roth
Paroles: Robbie Roth • Robert Cary
Livret: Robert Cary • Tom Hadly

Type de série: Original London
Théâtre: Shaftesbury Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)

Durée : 3 mois
Nombre :
Première Preview : samedi 25 septembre 2010
Première : jeudi 14 octobre 2010
Dernière : samedi 15 janvier 2011
Mise en scène : Nikolai Foster
Chorégraphie : Arlene Phillips
Avec : Matt Willis (Nick), Victoria Hamilton-Barritt (Alex), Sarah Ingram (Hannah ), Charlotte Harwood (Gloria), Hannah Levane (Keisha) , Twinnie-Lee Moore (Jazmin) , Brendan Cull, Russell Dixon, Sam Mackay, Ricky Rojas, Andrew Spillett, Robbie White, Ivan Blackstock, Tyman Boatwright, Myles Brown, Joseph Conner, Natalie Edmunds, Nicholas Gilligan, Zoe Green, James Hall, Ben Harrold, Emily Hawgood, Kirby Huges, Sia Kiwa, Lindsay Shaw, Maria Swainson, Amy Thornton, Daniel Uppal.
Commentaires : Il s'agit ici d'un gros gros flop… Moins de trois mois à l'affiche. La malédiction est-elle de retour sur le Shaftesbury?
It received mixed notices, though everyone agreed on the extremely high energy level of the show and the dazzling performance of Victoria Hamilton-Barritt. Originally booking until February 26th, the production closed earlier than planned on January 15th.
Presse : "It is the clumsy attempt by director Nikolai Foster and writers Tom Hedley and Robert Cary to turn a trite but mildly enjoyable film into something starker and more hard-hitting that is the production’s great weakness. The upbeat ending feels downright dishonest, and I left this supposedly feelgood show actually feeling both cheated and depressed."
Charles Spencer for The Daily Telegraph

"Flashdance, for all its dazzle, lacks a real imaginative freshness....Yet it’s a raunchy, crowd-pleasing spectacle which busily delivers both the things its title so brazenly promises.."
Henry Hitchings for The Evening Standard

"Flashdance is a slickly achieved hybrid of an adult version of Billy Elliot meets Fame?"
Mark Shenton for The Stage

"Will this new musical live up to the film?...the short answer is no."
Julie Carpenter for The Express

"The show brims with physical energy and is full of visual invention. "
Michael Billington for The Guardian