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Musical (1997)

Musique: Laurence O'Keefe
Paroles: Laurence O'Keefe
Livret: Brian Flemming • Kate Farley

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Shaftesbury Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)

Durée : 4 mois 1 semaine
Nombre : 181 représentations
Première Preview : Inconnu
Première : mercredi 08 septembre 2004
Dernière : samedi 15 janvier 2005
Mise en scène : Mark Wing-Davey
Chorégraphie : Lynn Page
Avec : Cast: Deven May (Bat Boy), Rebecca Vere (Meredith Parker), John Barr (Dr Parker), Emma Williams (Shelley Parker), Andrew Bolton (Sheriff), Gareth Richards, Julie Jupp, Robyn Isaac, Maurey Richards, David Beckford.
Commentaires : La version londonnienne a été revue pour qu'elle soit plus internationale (des références directes à certains points de la culture américaine n'auraient pu être comprises aisément). Il s'agit de la version définitive du spectacle, c'est du moins ce que les auteurs ont déclaré.
Notes: Inspired by a story in the weird and wonderful “Weekly World News” in June 1992, which claimed a “Bat Boy” half-boy, half-bat, had been found living in a cave, the musical opened off-Broadway in March 2001 for an 8 month run. The script and score were heavily revised for the UK production which was first staged at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. The book deals with serious themes (such as hypocrisy, acceptance, forgiveness, racism, revenge and scape-goating), but all too often punctures any underlying serious satire with slapstick, surrealism, camp-horror and irony. With only one or two exceptions, it was hated by the critics. “This asinine, pretentious and self-admiring musical is one of the most repulsive shows I’ve ever seen” (Sunday Times). There was some praise for Deven May, the American performer who re-created his off-Broadway performance in the UK. It ran just four months.
Presse : "Nothing in the West End quite like it" The Daily Express - "Darkly funny - curiously touching" The Times - "Riotous carnival of camp and kitsch" The London Evening Standard - "The performances are excellent... this deserves to be a hit" Time Out