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De Beau Willimon, musique originale de Broken Chord. D'après "La Parisienne" d'Henri Becque

Résumé: The Parisian Woman se déroule à Washington, DC, où seuls de puissants amis valent la peine, surtout après les élections de 2016. Au centre se trouve Chloe, une citoyenne pleine de charme et d’esprit, qui affronte la politique, son passé, son mariage et son avenir incertain. Humour noir et drame se rencontrent à ce moment crucial de la vie de Chloé et de celle du pays, lorsque la vérité n’est pas évidente et que les enjeux ne pourraient être plus importants.

Type de série: Original Broadway
Théâtre: Hudson Theatre (Broadway - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 3 mois 1 semaine
Nombre : 25 previews - 116 représentations
Première Preview : jeudi 09 novembre 2017
Première : jeudi 30 novembre 2017
Dernière : dimanche 11 mars 2018
Mise en scène : Pam MacKinnon
Chorégraphie :
Avec : Uma Thurman (as Chloe), Josh Lucas (as Tom), Blair Brown (as Jeanette Simpson), Marton Csokas (as Peter), and Phillipa Soo (as Rebecca)
Commentaires : Academy Award nominee Uma Thurman makes her Broadway debut in The Parisian Woman - a new play by Oscar and Emmy Award nominee Beau Willimon (the mastermind behind Netflix's "House of Cards").

Ms. Thurman leads a starry cast which includes Josh Lucas, Tony Award winner Blair Brown, Marton Csokas, and Tony Award nominee Phillipa Soo, who are all guided by the capable directorial hands of Tony Award nominee Pam MacKinnon. Judging from the astronomical success of "House of Cards", Mr. Willimon knows exactly how to create dramatic tension in the political arena. Undoubtedly, The Parisian Woman is following suit and causing quite the stir on the Great White Way!

Set in Washington D.C., the play is littered with fresh references to the current President of the United States and weaves a twisting tale of backstage politics, leverage, and blackmail. These plot twists are as unbelievable as they are likely to occur in today's regime, when a man who is caught boasting about sexual exploitation still ends up running the country. The Parisian Woman is also a very modern exploration of relationships, placing the non-traditional under the spotlight. Chloe (Ms. Thurman) and Tom (Mr. Lucas) enjoy an open relationship which proves advantageous when external love interests wield power and influence in the political circuit. Ultimately, we discover that Chloe's love for her husband allows her to stop at nothing to see him climb the ladder.

Mr. Willimon's script is well-written and structured, even to the point where a midway through drop in pace disarms the audience and leaves us unprepared for the startling revelation of the next scene that hits us out of nowhere. And the production is certainly well-cast with Ms. Thurman's multifaceted and mysterious allure perfectly matching the enticing Chloe. In addition, Josh Lucas provides an earnest likeability as Tom, Marton Csokas provides the comic relief in the moments of Peter's desperation, Blair Brown is wonderfully sovereign as Republican Jeanette Simpson, whilst Phillipa Soo masters the difficult arc of her daughter Rebecca with confidence and vulnerability.