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D'après Charles Dickens. Adaptation de David Edgar

Résumé: The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby is an 8½ hour-long adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel, performed in two parts. Part 1 was 4 hours in length with one interval of 15 minutes. Part 2 was 4½ hours in length with two intervals of 12 minutes. It was originally presented onstage over two evenings, or in its entirety from early afternoon with a dinner break. Later it was presented on television over four evenings.
The opening night was on 5 June 1980. The show ran for an 8-week season at the Aldwych Theatre, playing Part 1 on some nights and Part 2 on others with both parts playing together on matinée and evening performances. It was revived for two further 8-week runs at the Aldwych in the autumn season of 1980 and the spring season of 1981 before being filmed for Primetime TV at the Old Vic Theatre and transferring to Broadway for the autumn season of 1981. A further revival with a substantially different cast played at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford and toured to Los Angeles and Broadway in 1985.

The play was adapted from the Charles Dickens novel The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby by David Edgar. Directed by John Caird and Trevor Nunn. The music and lyrics were from Stephen Oliver and the set design was by John Napier and Dermot Hayes.

It transferred to the Plymouth Theatre on Broadway, initially opening 4 October 1981 and running until 3 January 1982. Revivals of the original production were produced in 1986 (which returned to USA for a Broadway run and national tour) and a truncated version from 2006 to 2008.

Type de série:
Théâtre: Aldwych Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 1 mois
Nombre :
Première Preview : Inconnu
Première : samedi 21 juin 1980
Dernière : samedi 26 juillet 1980
Mise en scène : Trevor Nunn • John Caird
Chorégraphie :
Avec : Rashbrook Stephen (Alphonse), Dench Jeffery (Arthur Gride), Rashbrook Stephen (Belling), Kempner Teddy (Benjamin), Tandy Mark (Bolder), Pollitt Clyde (Brooker), Hawkins Andrew (Captain Adams), Crowden Graham (Casino Proprietor), Meredith David Lloyd (Charles Cheeryble), Pollitt Clyde (Coachman), Hawkins Andrew (Coates), Matshikiza John (Cobbey), Tyrrell Norman (Colonel Chowser), Spall Timothy (Croupier), Bertish Suzanne (Fanny Squeers), Jones Griffith (Flunkey), Kightley Timothy (Flunkey), Ravenscroft Christopher (Frank Cheeryble), Kingsley Ben (Furious Gentleman), Gill Alan (George), Gill Alan (Graymarsh), Travers-Deacon Clare (Hannah), Petherbridge Edward (Hawk's Rival), Peasgood Julie (Infant Phenomenon), Godfrey Patrick (Irate Gentleman), Gecks Nicholas (Jackson), Harvey Terence (Jennings), Peck Bob (John Browdie), Littler Susan (Kate Nickleby), Gill Alan (Keeper), Dench Jeffery (Landlord), Gecks Nicholas (Lord Verisopht), Whiteley Thelma (Madame Mantalini), Hammond-Hill Juliet (Madeline Bray), Godfrey Patrick (Man Next Door), Tandy Mark (Master Crummles), Phillips Neil (McTaggart), Bertish Suzanne (Milliner), Bower Sharon (Milliner), East Ian (Milliner), Hammond-Hill Juliet (Milliner), Harrison Cathryn (Milliner), Maxwell William (Milliner), Peasgood Julie (Milliner), Rashbrook Stephen (Milliner), Travers-Deacon Clare (Milliner), Dale Janet (Miss Belvawney), Bower Sharon (Miss Bravassa), Travers-Deacon Clare (Miss Gazingi), Downs Jane (Miss Green), Dale Janet (Miss Knag), Hill Rose (Miss La Creevy), Hammond-Hill Juliet (Miss Ledrock), Harrison Cathryn (Miss Petowker), Bertish Suzanne (Miss Snevellicci), Ravenscroft Christopher (Mobbs), Travers-Deacon Clare (Morleena Kenwigs), Rashbrook Stephen (Mr Bane), Dench Jeffery (Mr Blightey), Harvey Terence (Mr Bonney), East Ian (Mr Crowl), Rees Hubert (Mr Curdle), Dench Jeffery (Mr Cutler), Jones Griffith (Mr Fluggers), Spall Timothy (Mr Folair), Hawkins Andrew (Mr Hetherington), Godfrey Patrick (Mr Kenwigs), Phillips Neil (Mr Lenville), Kightley Timothy (Mr Lillyvick), McEnery John (Mr Mantalini), Maxwell William (Mr Pailey), Kempner Teddy (Mr Pluck), Matshikiza John (Mr Pyke), Maxwell William (Mr Snawley), McEnery John (Mr Snevellicci), Ravenscroft Christopher (Mr Snobb), Kingsley Ben (Mr Squeers), Kingsley Ben (Mr Wagstaff), Horn Roderick (Mr Wititterley), Kaye Lila (Mrs Crummles), Littler Susan (Mrs Curdle), Dale Janet (Mrs Cutler), Hill Rose (Mrs Grudden), King Shirley (Mrs Kenwigs), Bower Sharon (Mrs Kenwigs' Sister), King Shirley (Mrs Lenville), Downs Jane (Mrs Nickleby), Dale Janet (Mrs Snawley), Whiteley Thelma (Mrs Snevellicci), Kaye Lila (Mrs Squeers), Dale Janet (Mrs Wititterley), Hawkins Andrew (Muffinboy), Rees Hubert (Ned Cheeryble), Petherbridge Edward (Newman Noggs), Rees Roger (Nicholas Nickleby), Whiteley Thelma (Nurse), Jones Griffith (Old Lord), Bower Sharon (Opera Singer), Hawkins Andrew (Opera Singer), Woodvine John (Opera Singer), Bertish Suzanne (Peg Sliderskew), Kempner Teddy (Percy Crummles), Kempner Teddy (Peters), Harrison Cathryn (Phib), Bower Sharon (Pitcher), Hawkins Andrew (Policeman), Tandy Mark (Policeman), Horn Roderick (Pugstyles), Woodvine John (Ralph), Bower Sharon (Rich Lady), King Shirley (Rich Lady), East Ian (Roberts), Pollitt Clyde (Scaley), Meredith David Lloyd (Sir Matthew Pupker), Peck Bob (Sir Mulberry Hawk), Threlfall David (Smike), Dale Janet (Snawley Major), Travers-Deacon Clare (Snawley Minor), Hammond-Hill Juliet (Sprouter), Hill Rose (Stout Lady), Kightley Timothy (Surgeon), Jones Griffith (Tim Linkinwater), Kempner Teddy (Tix), Maxwell William (Tomkins), Horn Roderick (Umpire), Crowden Graham (Vincent Crummles), Bower Sharon (Waitress), Hammond-Hill Juliet (Waitress), Tyrrell Norman (Walter Bray), Phillips Neil (Westwood), McEnery John (William), Hammond-Hill Juliet (Young Fiancee), Spall Timothy (Young Wackford), Travers-Deacon Clare (Young Woman)
Commentaires : Un spectacle de la RSC.