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D'D'Arthur Miller

Résumé: A young girl falls sick in a rural community in 1692 Salem, leading to her anguished family to blame her illness upon a number of local young women. Their supposed crime? Practising witchcraft. John Proctor, meanwhile is struggling with his own moral struggles. After having an affair with one of the accused women, Abigail, he's fighting to convince his wife Elizabeth that he truly loves her.

However, when the moral panic rises to fever pitch in Salem, with women turning on each other out of fear, and others fuelling the flames in order to exact a landgrab, events take a horrifying turn when Elizabeth herself is accused of witchcraft by the vengeful Abigail who hopes to claim John for herself.

The resulting trial, presided over by a sanctimonius judge, sees outrageous claims hurled at the Proctors from all quarters, a devastating choice is made, leading to tragic consequences for John and Elizabeth.

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Old Vic (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 2 mois 1 semaine
Nombre :
Première Preview : samedi 21 juin 2014
Première : jeudi 03 juillet 2014
Dernière : samedi 13 septembre 2014
Mise en scène : Yael Farber
Chorégraphie :
Avec : Richard Armitage (John Proctor), Samantha Colley (Abigail Williams), Jack Ellis (Deputy Governor Danforth), William Gaunt (Giles Corey), Anna Madeley (Elizabeth Proctor), Adrian Schiller (Reverend John Hales), Michael Thomas (Reverend Parris), Harry Attwell, Marama Corlett, Ann Firbank, Natalie Gavin, Christopher Godwin, Hannah Hutch, Lauren Lyle, Paddy Navin, Sarah Niles, Tom Peters, Rebecca Saire, Neil Salvage, Alan Vicary, Daisy Waterstone, Matt Weyland and Zara White
Commentaires : Written at the height of the McCarthy Communist trials, Arthur Miller's ever-relevant work of paranoia and moral panic is re-imagined by multiple award-winning director Yael Farber, and performed in-the-round on a specially designed stage.

Spooks and The Hobbit star Richard Armitage takes the title role as a man who battles for his conscience and purity of spirit, amidst the chaos and lustful superstition of the Salem witch-trials, with devastating consequences.
Presse : "... staged with a mixture of simplicity and dramatic power that builds up an ominous feeling of dread and fear." Charles Spencer for The Daily Telegraph

"... tremendous production of a play that, in Proctor's cry "Is the accuser always holy now?", retains its disturbing relevance." Michael Billington for The Guardian

"At times, the show descends into overblown, shouty portentousness ... yet other moments are spellbinding." Quentin Letts for The Daily Mail

"Although a running time of more than three and a half hours sounds daunting, The Crucible is an absorbing and ultimately devastating experience. It taxes the mind but also spears you in the guts." Henry Hitchings for The Evening Standard