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4) Marguerite (Revival)

Joué durant  2 semaines

Première preview: ven. 05 octobre 2012
Première: mar. 09 octobre 2012
Dernière: sam. 27 octobre 2012

Metteur en scène: Guy Unsworth •  
Chorégraphe: Cressida Carré •  
Avec: Yvette Robinson (Marguerite), Zoe Doano, James Darch, Alastair Knights, James Meunier, Nadim Naaman, Daniel Oliver, Michael Onslow, Jessica Parker, Helena Raeburn, Jennifer Rhodes, Mark Turnbull. 


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3) Last Five Years (The) (Revival)

Joué durant  3 semaines

Première preview: mer. 09 février 2011
Première: ven. 11 février 2011
Dernière: sam. 05 mars 2011

Metteur en scène: Drew Baker •  
Chorégraphe: Lee Freeman •  
Avec: Christopher Pym (Jamie Wellerstein), Lauren Samuels (Cathy Hyatt) 

Commentaire: This revival featured Lauren Samuels, who had come third in the TV competition to find a Dorothy for “The Wizard of Oz”, and had subsequently been snapped up to play Sandy in “Grease” in the West End. By taking on this modest but even more challenging two-hander she earned much respect and great praise for her excellent performance. Both she and Christopher Pym were declared an unqualified success.  (plus) 

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2) Just So (Revival)

Joué durant  1 mois 1 semaine

Première preview: mer. 01 décembre 2010
Première: jeu. 02 décembre 2010
Dernière: dim. 09 janvier 2011

Metteur en scène: Andrew Keats •  
Chorégraphe: Phyllida Crowley Smith •  
Avec: Ian Knauler (Eldest Magician), Lee Greenaway ( Elephant Child), Lisa Baird ( Kolokolo Bird ) , Stuart Douglas James (Rhino), Lewis Barnshaw, Luke Fredericks, Nathan Taylor, Sophie Bowden, Holly Easterbrook, Thomas Lloyd, Cheryl Neal. 

Commentaire: A Christmas revival, putting George Stiles in the extremely rare position of having two successive opening nights of shows where he had written the music – “Just So” at the Tabard on Thursday, and “Three Musketeers” at the Rose on Friday.  (plus) 

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1) Wolfboy (Original)

Joué durant  

Première preview: mar. 30 juin 2009
Première: mar. 30 juin 2009
Dernière: sam. 04 juillet 2009

Metteur en scène: Russell Labey •  
Avec: Paul Holowaty (David), Gregg Lowe (Bernie), Daniel Boys (Christian), Emma Rigby (Cherry), Annabel Howitt (Annie) 

Commentaire: Based on the play by Canada’s leading playwright, Brad Fraser, “Wolfboy” was first staged in 1981 and had a major revival in Toronto in 1985 with Keanu Reeves in one of his earliest stage roles. The musical version by Russell Labey and Leon Parris had a four-night preview at the Tabard Theatre in Chiswick prior to opening at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2009. The original cast included Paul Holowaty, Gregg Lowe and Lee Latchford-Evans from “Steps”.  (plus) 

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