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Hudson Theatre

Construction: 1903
Topologie du théâtre
Nombre de salles actives: 1
Salle 1: (1050)    1903 - Actif
En métro:
En bus:
Adresse: 141 W. 44th St., New York, NY


(1050)    1903 - Actif

J.B. McElfatrick, Israels & Harder, architects. Built by producer Henry B. Harris, managed by his wife Rene after his death on the Titanic in 1912. Often used as a TV studio in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. In 1974, it was a blue movie theatre. In 1980, it became the Savoy, a rock club. In 1987, it received landmark status, so owner Henry Macklowe incorporated it into his adjacent hotel, the Millennium Broadway Hotel, using it as a conference center and auditorium. The venue re-opened as a legitimate Broadway theatre in 2017, operating under the Ambassador Theatre Group.

Burn This
[15 mars 19 - Open end]

Original Broadway

1) Burn This (Original Broadway)

Joué durant   actuellement

Première preview: ven. 15 mars 2019
Première: mar. 16 avril 2019
Dernière: Open end

Metteur en scène: Michael Mayer •  
Avec: Adam Driver (as Pale), Keri Russell (as Anna Mann), David Furr (as Burton), and Brandon Uranowitz (as Larry) 

Commentaire: Three-time Emmy Award nominee and "Star Wars" favorite Adam Driver and Golden Globe winner Keri Russell are set to star in the first-ever Broadway revival of Lanford Wilson's Burn This, joined on stage by Tony Award nominees David Furr and Brandon Uranowitz.

Directed by Tony Award winner Michael Mayer, performances are expected to begin on March 15, 2019 at Broadway's Hudson Theatre.

Burn This originally premiered off-Broadway, starring John Malkovitch and Joan Allen, in 1987. It transferred to the Plymouth Theatre on Broadway that same year and ran for a total of 437 performances from October 7, 1987 to October 29, 1988.  (plus) 

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6) Head Over Heels (Original)

Joué durant  5 mois 2 semaines

Nb de preview: 37 previews
Première preview: sam. 23 juin 2018
Première: jeu. 26 juillet 2018
Dernière: dim. 06 janvier 2019

Metteur en scène: Michael Mayer •  
Avec: Andrew Durand (as Musidorus), Taylor Iman Jones (as Mopsa), Jeremy Kushnier (as Basilius), Bonnie Milligan (as Pamela), Peppermint (as Pythio), Tom Alan Robbins (as Dametas), Alexandra Socha (as Philoclea), and Rachel York (as Gynecia) 


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Original Broadway

5) Parisian Woman (The) (Original Broadway)

Joué durant  3 mois 1 semaine

Nb de preview: 25 previews
Nb de représentations: 116 représentations
Première preview: jeu. 09 novembre 2017
Première: jeu. 30 novembre 2017
Dernière: dim. 11 mars 2018

Metteur en scène: Pam MacKinnon •  
Avec: Uma Thurman (as Chloe), Josh Lucas (as Tom), Blair Brown (as Jeanette Simpson), Marton Csokas (as Peter), and Phillipa Soo (as Rebecca) 

Commentaire: Academy Award nominee Uma Thurman makes her Broadway debut in The Parisian Woman - a new play by Oscar and Emmy Award nominee Beau Willimon (the mastermind behind Netflix's "House of Cards").

Ms. Thurman leads a starry cast which includes Josh Lucas, Tony Award winner Blair Brown, Marton Csokas, and Tony Award nominee Phillipa Soo, who are all guided by the capable directorial hands of Tony Award nominee Pam MacKinnon. Judging from the astronomical success of "House of Cards", Mr. Willimon knows exactly how to create dramatic tension in the political arena. Undoubtedly, The Parisian Woman is following suit and causing quite the stir on the Great White Way!

Set in Washington D.C., the play is littered with fresh references to the current President of the United States and weaves a twisting tale of backstage politics, leverage, and blackmail. These plot twists are as unbelievable as they are likely to occur in today's regime, when a man who is caught boasting about sexual exploitation still ends up running the country. The Parisian Woman is also a very modern exploration of relationships, placing the non-traditional under the spotlight. Chloe (Ms. Thurman) and Tom (Mr. Lucas) enjoy an open relationship which proves advantageous when external love interests wield power and influence in the political circuit. Ultimately, we discover that Chloe's love for her husband allows her to stop at nothing to see him climb the ladder.

Mr. Willimon's script is well-written and structured, even to the point where a midway through drop in pace disarms the audience and leaves us unprepared for the startling revelation of the next scene that hits us out of nowhere. And the production is certainly well-cast with Ms. Thurman's multifaceted and mysterious allure perfectly matching the enticing Chloe. In addition, Josh Lucas provides an earnest likeability as Tom, Marton Csokas provides the comic relief in the moments of Peter's desperation, Blair Brown is wonderfully sovereign as Republican Jeanette Simpson, whilst Phillipa Soo masters the difficult arc of her daughter Rebecca with confidence and vulnerability.  (plus) 

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Original Broadway

4) 1984 (Original Broadway)

Joué durant  3 mois 2 semaines

Nb de preview: 38 previews
Nb de représentations: 125 représentations
Première preview: jeu. 18 mai 2017
Première: jeu. 22 juin 2017
Dernière: dim. 08 octobre 2017

Metteur en scène: Duncan Macmillan • Robert Icke •  


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3) Sunday in the Park with George (Revival)

Joué durant  1 mois 4 semaines

Nb de preview: 11 previews
Nb de représentations: 61 représentations
Première preview: sam. 11 février 2017
Première: jeu. 23 février 2017
Dernière: dim. 23 avril 2017

Metteur en scène: Sama Lapine •  


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Réouverture du Théâtre

Réouverture du Théâtre

Fermeture du Théâtre

Fermeture du Théâtre et devient studio de radio et de télévision, boîte de nuit, cinéma et espace pour les événements d’entreprise.


2) Becket (Anouilh) (Reprise)

Joué durant  2 semaines

Nb de représentations: 27 représentations
Première preview: Inconnu
Première: lun. 08 mai 1961
Dernière: sam. 27 mai 1961

Metteur en scène: Peter Glenville •  
Avec: Laurence Olivier (Henry II), Arthur Kennedy (Thomas Becket), Marie Powers (The Queen Mother), Edward Atienza (The Pope), Hilary Beckett (His Daughter), Mel Berger (Third English Baron, First Monk from Hastings), Brian Crowe (A Young Monk), Christopher Culkin (Henry's Younger Son), Peter De Firis (A Servant), Robert Duke (Henry's Page), Robert Eckles (Louis), Margaret Hall (The Queen), Ferdi Hoffman (Fourth English Baron), Will Hussung (First French Baron, The Bishop of Oxford, William of Corbeil), Tom Leith (His Son, A Monk), Julian Miller (A Young Footsoldier, Second Servant), Earl Montgomery (Gilbert Folliot), Madeline Morgan (A French Girl), Dennis Rosa (Henry's Elder Son), Dran Seitz (Gwendolen), Dino Terranova (A French Priest, Cardinal Zambelli), Victor Thorley (The Bishop of York, The Provost Marshall), Sydney Walker (Second French Baron, A Priest, The Archbishop of Canterbury), Robert Weil (A Saxon Peasant), Ronald Weyand (Second Monk from Hastings, Second English Baron), Claude Woolman (The Duke of Arundel, A Soldier), Louis Zorich (First English Baron, An Old Footsoldier) 

Commentaire: Reprise du London Run après trois mois d'inteeruption. Laurence Olivier joue cette fois Henry II et c'est Arthur Kennedy qui incarne Thomas Becket.  (plus) 

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1) Lew Leslie’s Blackbirds of 1939 (Original)

Joué durant  1 semaine

Nb de représentations: 9 représentations
Première preview: sam. 11 février 1939
Première: sam. 11 février 1939
Dernière: sam. 18 février 1939

Metteur en scène:  
Avec: Joyce Beasley, Atta Blake, Joe Byrd, Bobby Evans, Hamtree Harrington, Laurene Hines, Lena Horne, Norman McConny, Dewey Markham, Taps Miller, Tim Moore; Blackbirds Beauties: Catherine Stevenson, Mae Francis, Thelma Walton, Billie French, Rosetta Williams, Edna Slatten; Blackbirds Dancing Chorus: Baby Simmons, Marion Egbert, Marie Robinson, Cleo Hayes, Evelyn Sheppard, Muriel Cook, Madelyn Donable, Lucia Moses, Juanita Boisseau, Eva Bradley, Peggy Sheppard, Gladys Clayton; Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers: Norma Miller and George Greenidge; Mickey Jones and William Downes; Gladys Crowder and Shorty Eddie; Joyce James and Joe Daniels; Ann Johnson and Billy Williams; Van Grona’s Negro Swing Ballet Dancers: Hazel Spence, Wahneta Talley, Violet Gray, Hettie Stephens, Elizabeth Thompson, Beryl Clarke, Lavinia Williams, Marion Brown, Beryl Murray, Verona Blackburn, Dorothy Jones, Edith Ross, Edith Hurd, Mary Tennant, Williard Taylor, Renu Roma, Al Bledger, Coleman Hill; J. Rosamond Johnson’s Choir: Sopranos—Kate Hall, Marian Coleman, Zelda Shelton, Louisa Howard, Marguerite Robinson; Altos—Ruthena Matson, Jennie Taylor, Rosetta Crawford, Rosalie King, Leona Avery; Tenors—Walter Hilliard, Charles Welch, Gaylord Caldwell, James Logan, Richard Grant, Jerry Laws; Baritones and Basses—Frank Riley, Gilbert Adkins, Larri Lauria, Horatio Edwards, Robert Clarke; and Dr. Sausage and His 5 Pork Chops 


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