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Drill Hall

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Return Engagement

1) Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens (Return Engagement)

Joué durant  4 semaines

Première preview: Inconnu
Première: mar. 19 janvier 1993
Dernière: mer. 17 février 1993

Metteur en scène: Bill Russel •  
Avec: A cast of 33 performers (including a very early appearance of the unknown Lily Savage) 

Commentaire: This was a series of life stories of some 33 individuals who died from AIDS. The actors step forward one by one and talk in simple rhyming couplets about the disease that killed them. The youth from North Dakota who lived it up too wildly in Greenwich village; the star-struck son of fundamentalist parents who succumbed to AIDS after landing his first part in a Broadway show; the middle-aged man who decides death is “better than slowly growing old”; the clergyman who never came out of the closet; the grandma with the ill-fated blood transfusion; the ordinary Joe who visited a prostitute; the nurse who pricked herself with a needle, the black orphan kid born with the disease; and the monster who seduces young men in order to infect them.

Described as a theatrical representation of America’s Aids Memorial Quilt, one critics called it “… well-meaning, terminally fluffy, theatrically bereft and incurably American in its sentimentality”. The general reaction was respectful of its intent but scornful of the method. It transferred to the Drill Hall with some cast changes. (In the following year it would return to the West End in a slightly re-written version with a smaller cast)  (plus) 

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