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Arcola Theatre

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2) Goodbye Barcelona (Original)

Joué durant  3 semaines

Première preview: jeu. 24 novembre 2011
Première: lun. 28 novembre 2011
Dernière: ven. 23 décembre 2011

Metteur en scène: Karen Rabinowitz •  
Chorégraphe: Karen Rabinowitz •  
Avec: Rom Gill (Sammy ), Lucy Bradshaw (Rebecca), Jack Shalloo (George), Mark Meadows (Jack), Katie Bernstein (Pilar), John Killoran (Ernesto), Laura Tebbutt (La Passionaria), Ifan Gwilyn-Jones, Jassy Grez, Alex Rand, Flora Wellesley Wesley. 

Commentaire: The production, based on the book by Judith Johnson, was staged to mark the 75 th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War. Despite its noble intentions, some stirring anthems, and clever inflections of flamenco and guitar in the music, it failed as a cohesive piece of theatre, the “book creaks under the strain of under-developed characters and flat-footed dialogue” (Times). It was felt to be an interesting work in progress.  (plus) 

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Original London

1) I Can Get It for You Wholesale (Original London)

Joué durant  2 mois

Première preview: mar. 19 février 2002
Première: mar. 19 février 2002
Dernière: mar. 23 avril 2002

Metteur en scène: Mehmet Ergen • William Galinsky •  
Chorégraphe: Gary Rowe •  
Avec: Joseph Wicks (Harry Bogen), Fiona Branson (Mrs Bogen), Rosanne Priest (Ruthie), Jodi Mulcahy (Martha), Nichola Lagan (Miss Marmelstein) 

Commentaire: The original Broadway show opened in March 1962 and ran for 300 performances - notable for marking the debut of 19 year old Barbra Streisand, who nightly stopped the show with the song “Miss Marmalstein”. During the run of this show she made a real-life marriage to her leading man, Elliot ould.
This fringe London premiere with a cast of 20 and a band of just three received very mixed notices.  (plus) 

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