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L'événement culturel de l'été à Bruxelles!    

Summer Song

Musique: Anton Dvorák • Bernard Grun
Paroles: Eric Maschwitz
Livret: Eric Maschwitz

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Whilst on tour through the Middl West with his homesick orchestra, the composer Dvorak meets Karolka, en route to join her uncle in the Czech community in Willow Falls. He decides to go with her, pretending to be just a player in his own orchestra. They find Willow Falls is not the beautiful town described by Uncle Marek, and Dvorak is forced to take a job as a piano player in Ma Flannagan’s saloon. Karolka falls in love with Ma Flannagan’s son, Shaun, but Ma Flannagan through her wicked agent, Jake, intends to foreclose on Marek’s mortgage.
Misunderstandings follow, all solved by Dvorak and there is, of course, a happy ending.

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