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L'événement culturel de l'été à Bruxelles!    


Musique: Michael Wild
Paroles: Michael Wild
Livret: Michael Wild

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Story: The Wylie family is worried about their daughter, Maggie, a plain young woman who they fear will never be married. (Everyone sees Maggie as rather dull, domestic and not too bright, except the witty Comtesse de la Briere, who recognises her intelligence and drive.) They discover a penniless young student, John Shand, has been breaking into their library to read books he cannot afford for his University course. The Wylies strike a deal: they will pay for his education if, at the end of five years, he agrees to marry Maggie. John honours his commitment to Maggie, marrying her although he does not love her. John aims to become a Member of Parliament, and Maggie uses her intelligence and connections to get him elected, but never allowing him to see that she is the power behind his rise to fame. Eventually John decides his wife is too plain for his new status, and he begins an affair with the beautiful Lady Sybil Lazenby. Maggie is prepared to give up her husband if Sybil can help advance his career more than she herself can. However, when John is preparing a speech that will make or break his career, he realises Sybil is no help to him, and Maggie is his inspiration

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