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L'événement culturel de l'été à Bruxelles!    


Musique: Eric Spear
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Livret: ???? ????

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Young Australian farmer George Grant takes Stella, his new English wife, to his farm in the outback, where the local women throw a tea-party to welcome the new bride. However, this welcome only makes her worry, and gradually she finds the work, the women and the mocking kookaburra of Queensland too much for her. There is an additional problem with Emmie Dalziel, a local girl who had expected to marry George herself - and still hankers after him - though she is now partnered with Mervyn, a down-and-out Englishman who suddenly gets news that he has inherited an English earldom.
However, even though Stella has left George, she returns in time for Christmas and for a happy ending.

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