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L'événement culturel de l'été à Bruxelles!    

Gettin' The Band Back Together

Musique: Mark Allen
Paroles: Mark Allen
Livret: Ken Davenport

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The new musical that proves it's never too late to give your dreams one last shot.

In New York City, businessman Mitch Papadopolous is fired on his fortieth birthday. He returns to Sayreville, New Jersey, his hometown, to move back in with his mother, Sharon ("Jersey"). Mitch's best friend, Bart, suggests they reunite their old band, Juggernaut, and when Tygen Billows, their nemesis from high school, learns that Mitch has returned to Sayreville, he challenges Mitch to a rematch of the Battle of the Bands competition that Juggernaut won twenty years earlier.

Mitch is initially reluctant to reunite the band ("One of Those Guys"), but when Tygen threatens to foreclose on Sharon's and Bart's houses, Mitch agrees to enter the Battle of the Bands on the condition that if his band wins, Sharon and Bart will get to keep their houses. Mitch and Bart convince their old band-mates, Sully and Robbie, to get the band back together ("Gettin' the Band Back Together"), with the exception of Kenny, who died while playing a concert at an amusement park two years earlier ("Kenny's Hymn"). The band replaces Kenny with Ricky, a sixteen year old student from the local high school where Bart teaches math.

Juggernaut begins rehearsals, encouraged by Sharon, and book their first gig playing a Jewish wedding ("Hava Nagila"). Mitch begins talking to Dani, his ex from high school who is dating Tygen. Mitch and Tygen get into a fist fight at a bar, landing Juggernaut in jail ("Life Without Parole").

The band gets out of jail just in time for the Battle of the Bands, where Juggernaut performs their new song ("Do Over").

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