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L'événement culturel de l'été à Bruxelles!    

Buttrio Square

Musique: Arthur Jones • Fred Stamer
Paroles: Gen Genovese
Livret: Billy Gilbert • Gen Genovese

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Buttrio Square was about a village in 1946 Italy seeking to qualify as a town. One more citizen is needed for township, and Marisa, daughter of the baron who owns the village, becomes pregnant. The pregnancy must be kept secret, however, because the father of the child is American Captain Steve, who has married Marisa in spite of the fact that fraternization between the Italians and the occupying Gis is forbidden. Childless Papa Mario, the village's baker and would-be mayor, is led to believe that his own wife is pregnant and that it is his child that is on the way. For comic relief, there is Terry Patterson, who wants to become a WAC but who, because of her male name, has been accidentally designated as a CI and been unable to correct her status.

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