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Musical (2008)

Musique: *** Divers
Paroles: *** Divers
Livret: *** Divers

An interactive musical celebrating everything Eurovision, with the audience voting for their favourite song via text messaging. 'We are in Sarajevo, who have somehow won the rights to host this year's competition. Each audience member will be assigned to one of the ten competing countries as they enter the venue.'

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Version 1

Eurobeat almost Eurovision (2008-04-UK Tour)

Type de série: UK Tour
Théâtre: UK Tour ( - Angleterre)
Durée : 4 mois 1 semaine
Nombre :
Première Preview : mardi 15 avril 2008
Première : mardi 15 avril 2008
Dernière : samedi 23 août 2008
Mise en scène : Glynn Nicholas
Chorégraphie : Andre Hallsworth • Natalie Marsland
Avec : Performer Les Dennis (Sergai Wimbledon / Birmingham / Wolverhampton / Norwich / Bromley / Newcastle / Milton Keynes / Nottingham / Brighton), Mel Giedroyc (Boyka - Wimbledon / Stoke on Trent / Belfast / Salford / Bradford / Bromely / Newcastle / Milton Keynes / Brighton), Craig Hill (Sergei - Glasgow / Edinburgh), Sally Lindsay (Boyka - Glasgow / Cardiff / Edinburgh / Birmingham / Wolverhampton / Norwich / Nottingham / Southend / Southampton), Gareth Hall (Stoke on Trent / Belfast / Salford). Performer Norman Pace (Sergei - Southend / Southampton), Billy Pearce (Sergei - Bradford).
Commentaires :
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Version 2

Eurobeat almost Eurovision (2008-09-Novello Theatre-London)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Novello Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 1 mois 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : jeudi 04 septembre 2008
Première : mardi 09 septembre 2008
Dernière : samedi 01 novembre 2008
Mise en scène : Glynn Nicholas
Chorégraphie : Andre Hallsworth • Natalie Marsland
Avec : Les Dennis (Sergei), Mel Giedroyc (Boyka ), Sarah Boulton, Emma Brooke, Sarah Cahalarn, Emma Cannon, Adam Charles-Hills, Mairi Cowieson, Scott Garnham, Lewis Griffiths, Natasha Jayetileke, Arvid Larsen, Kay Murphy, Craig Perry, Sergio Priftis, Carl Stallwood.
Commentaires :
For some, this was a glorious spoof of everything we love about the Eurovision Song Contest, while for others it was an embarrassing xenophobic piece of rubbish, based entirely on the unpleasant concept that all foreigners are funny. Just like the Eurovision Song Contest itself, the fans loved every camp and tacky moment, and the non-fans hated it from beginning to end. This originated at the 2007 Edinburgh Festival Fringe where it won Best Musical. Unfortunately it only managed a ten week run in London, closing on November 15th.
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