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Musical (2005)

Musique: Victoria Wood
Paroles: Victoria Wood
Livret: Victoria Wood

The actors in a TV soap called “Acorn Antiques” are out of work because the series has been axed, so the
cast reunite with the object of turning the show into a stage musical. Act One sees them rehearse and bitch about the
script, about each other and the director; Act Two sees the opening performance at the Enoch Powell Arts Centre in
Sutton Coldfield with its consequent mishaps, rivalries and cock-ups.

Synopsis complet

Acorn Antiques:The Musical! is a musical about an antiques dealer, based on the parodic soap opera of the same name by Victoria Wood.

Victoria Wood decided to revive the original concept to satirise musical theatre with Acorn Antiques: The Musical!, with the intent to give people a "lovely, happy night in the theatre." It was directed by Trevor Nunn, and opened at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket in February 2005 for a three month sell-out run.

Parodying successful musicals such as Les Misérables and Chicago, it also caricatured the trend for socio-realism in contemporary drama and the conventions of song and choreography in musicals. It featured three of the principal actors from the original reprising their roles (or, strictly, the parts of the fictional actors from the spoof documentary); Duncan Preston returned as Clifford as did Celia Imrie as Babs and Julie Walters as Mrs Overall. Victoria Wood alternated with Walters in that role, and her character Miss Berta was played by Sally Ann Triplett. The musical also introduced Miss Bonnie (Josie Lawrence), a sister of Miss Babs and Miss Berta (who are apparently sisters now and no longer cousins as they were originally).

Act I
Middle Class Show - Ensemble
Residents' Parking - Miss Babs, Mrs Overall, Ms Berta & Ensemble
Café Continental - Mrs Overall & Ensemble
Mine Alone (Intro) - Mr Clifford
Mine Alone - Mr Clifford, Alan, Sally
Tip Top Tap - Mrs Overall & Ensemble
Tip Top Tap (Reprise) - Mrs Overall & Ensemble

Act II
Manchesterford - Ensemble
(Doorbell Rings, a Customer) Acorn Antiques! - Miss Babs, Miss Berta, Hugh, Mimi
Macaroons! - Mrs Overall
Please stay here - Miss Bonnie, Miss Babs, Miss Berta
We're On Our Way - Miss Babs, Miss Berta, Miss Bonnie, Hugh, Mimi
Remind Him - Miss Berta
D.E.B.T - Tony, Deb, Evelyn, Bev
Manchesterford (Reprise) - Mrs Overall
Back on Top - Miss Berta, Hugh, Mimi
I Am Going Out to Find Her - Ms Bonnie & Ensemble
Have You Met Miss Babs? - Miss Babs
Oh! Oh! Oh! Mrs O! - Ensemble
Macaroons! (Reprise) - Mrs Overall & Ensemble
We're On Our Way (Reprise) - Ensemble

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Version 1

Acorn Antiques (2005-01-Haymarket Theatre-London)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Haymarket Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 3 mois 1 semaine
Nombre :
Première Preview : jeudi 27 janvier 2005
Première : jeudi 10 février 2005
Dernière : samedi 21 mai 2005
Mise en scène : Trevor Nunn
Chorégraphie : Stephen Mear
Avec : Victoria Wood (Monday evenings and Wednesday matinees only), Julie Walters (Mrs Overall) (Tuesday to Saturday evenings and Saturday matinees only), Celia Imrie (Miss Babs), Duncan Preston (Mr Clifford), Neil Morrisey (John), Josie Lawrence & Sally Ann Triplett (Mrs Berta)
Commentaires :
A ten minute sketch inside a 30 minute TV comedy series had been expanded into a three hour musical. As a result, the first half and second halves were virtually two different shows. The whole thing was a muddle, but with its hugely talented cast, and its satire ranging from “Crossroads” to “Les Mis” and Starbucks to Sondheim, and with Victoria Wood and Julie Walters alternating in the lead role, it attracted an audience of fanatical supporters who roared with delight at every familiar gag and malfunctioning prop. In 2006 the show was completely re-written for a major UK tour, so that the entire show was now the “straight” musical performance of “Acorn Antiques”. Mrs Overall was played by Ria Jones and the tour received excellent notices and was felt to be much better for the changes. It is this revised version which is now regarded as the “real” show.
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Version 2

Acorn Antiques (2006-12-UK Tour)

Type de série: UK Tour
Théâtre: UK Tour ( - Angleterre)
Durée : 6 mois 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : lundi 11 décembre 2006
Première : lundi 11 décembre 2006
Dernière : samedi 07 juillet 2007
Mise en scène : Victoria Wood
Chorégraphie :
Avec : Ria Jones (Mrs Overall), Sara Crowe (Babs), Lisa Peace (Berta), Kim Ismay (Bonnie), Teddy Kempner (Clifford), Alistair Robins (Tony). Performer Beverly Rudd (Mimi). Performer Michael Melmoe (Hugh).
Commentaires :
Rewritten for the tour, the second half has been expanded with the original "behind the scenes" first half removed.
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