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Molly Molloy

Mise en scène 1

Chess (1986-05-Prince Edward Theatre-London)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Prince Edward Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 2 ans 11 mois
Nombre : 1209 représentations
Première Preview : lundi 05 mai 1986
Première : mercredi 14 mai 1986
Dernière : samedi 08 avril 1989
Mise en scène : Trevor Nunn
Chorégraphie : Molly Molloy
Avec : Murray Head (Frederick Trumper), Elaine Paige (Florence Vassy), Tommy Korberg (Anatoly Sergievsky), John Turner (Alexander Molokov), Kevin Colson (Walter de Courcy), Tom Jobe (The Arbiter), Siobhan McCarthy (Svetlana Sergievsky), Grainne Renihan, Sally-Anne Triplett
Commentaires :
Once again this show had first seen light as a 1984 concept album LP.
Although the protagonists were not intended to represent any specific individuals, they were loosely based on chess grandmasters Bobby Fisher and Anatoly Karpov. The original director was Michael Bennett who had arranged for some very elaborate technical elements to be used, including creating a proscenium arch out of closed-circuit TV relays. He became seriously ill during rehearsals and was unable to continue, so the show was taken over by Trevor Nunn, who was forced to accept many of the scenic elements already created much against his will. Accordingly these screens were hardly used at all in the course of the show, to the confusion of the audience. Following its great success in London, the New York production opened in April 1988, with the book having undergone some re-writing and a few plot changes.
It was a flop, managing just over a month and some 68 performances. The London production ran three years.
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